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  1. mothermac

    Ride to Dead Mans Canyon NV. 9/13/09

    Looks super purty there. Lucky dog.
  2. I don't think they are made to carry that amount of weight. I would check the specs on the Travel Trailer! An overloaded trailer can be just as bad if not worse than a tow vehicle carrying to much weight.
  3. mothermac

    Housewife Secrets

    I have a book not so old but older than myself that has tons of useful things even today! My dad's friend gave it to me years ago. It is an older 1962 version of Heloise's Housekeeping Hints! My favorite when I had a shower curtain is to wash in the washer with a couple of towels and add at least a cup of vinegar to the rinse!
  4. I ride/rode cause I have always loved it. My dad raised me as a child not a girl. As soon as I could reach the pegs he would take me on his super old Hondal. I camp, I love the smell of blenzoil,I have gone deer hunting with my dad, gone fishing & cleaned it too, worked on my older cars the new ones i don't.
  5. mothermac

    Housewife Secrets

    Ok so if your spouse or significant other doesn't do much housework you can as i did use the dishwasher/washer/dryer or oven to hide candy or what not so it makes it till Halloween! Or whatever holiday Easter etc.. My ex was a candy freak & would always ask cause he knew i bought it on sale Just DON'T use the oven if anyone else cooks but you
  6. mothermac

    Seat shaving how-to.

    Wow that looks great! Kudos
  7. mothermac

    Newb From Texas!

    Welcome to our Thumpette family!
  8. mothermac

    gettin' a xr250r !

    I had a Devol link on my 03 xr250r it was perfect for me I am 5'6" and my legs are a tad on the longer side. It got put on almost immediately after purchasing the bike in the Fall of 02. Good luck
  9. mothermac


    moleskin helps till u get calluses
  10. mothermac

    Bike Raffle

    I was getting used to buying tickets every week. I am so happy we could all join together and help and congrats AXO959
  11. mothermac

    Bike Raffle

    Amen Johnny! It isn't about winning the bike although that would be groovy! It is about him winning his battle and us offering support with well wishes and financial support.
  12. mothermac

    Bike Raffle

    Here guys does this answer your questions about your recent ticket purchase!
  13. mothermac

    Bike Raffle

    3 for me today! Hey maybe if this goes well you can get another bike and start another raffle. Hope he and his family are hanging in there
  14. mothermac

    Thanks Meaty!

    Damn it that looks like fun. Good job dad for letting the boys ride and taking care of business
  15. mothermac

    Bike Raffle

    I WILL BUY SOME MORE BEFORE THE LAST DAY! I get paid on Fridays and plan on buying more than 1 this week been working OT so I can spare a few extra!