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  1. Hi My UK spec 07 250 EXC-F is using oil but I can't find the reason why!! I am hoping someone might have some idea's to help me out. The bike is an 07 with about 85hrs on it, I ride expert so the bike does get to work quite hard, but it is well maintained. I bought it with a genuine 23hrs and it used a bit of oil straight from the start, however at 70hrs it swallowed nearly half its oil in one 3hr race causing the center bearing in the clutch to partially seize. I stripped the engine and the only thing I could find worn beyond its wear limit was the top piston ring (only just out of spec). I replaced the rings (scotchbrited the bore which still looks like new , however I didn't measure it) cleaned the complete oil circuit, replaced the oil pumps,camchain tensioner, relief spring etc. I didn't change the valve seals as the valves were all running well within spec. Engine looks like new with very little sign of wear however it is still using at least 10% of its oil in a 3hr race. I have checked for excess crankcase pressure and that appears normal, but there is some oil in the airbox boot. I have run with the breather open and nothing to speak of comes out of there. The bike does not smoke at all and runs perfectly. I am using 10w50 pro 4 plus silcolene full synthetic changed regularly. I am at a loss to know where the oil is going, my mates bike doesn't use any oil between changes but also has some oil in the airfilter boot. Do people on here need to top up regularly? Any suggestions would be gratefully recieved. (I am posting this on KTM talk as well, hope that is not against the rules:naughty: )