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  1. OK, so on the actual bike ('05 KTM300EXC) the brake reservoir reads DOT 4, in the manual it reads dot 5.1 which one should I use??? The brakes are locking up alot at the moment, maybe some water in there??? Please advise which fluid to run and why! Thanks
  2. Suzi Q

    Pants & boots for a big girl

    It must have been a man designing it!!!!!!
  3. Suzi Q

    Which tank

    I have an IMS and its good, infact I have one on the DR and one on the XR650 too!
  4. Suzi Q

    Help A Big Newbie With Dr650 Questions

    I am only 5'4" on a good day and have a DR650, I have it set at its lowest setting (you don't need a kit for this, unlike the KLR) and I also have a gel seat, I have no problems with the height at all, infact after coming off my CRF it feels small! If I keep one foot on the back brake at junctions, I can flat foot with the other, and I have short legs!!!! Good luck!
  5. Suzi Q

    Pants & boots for a big girl

    Try on some Gaerne boots, I have large calves and they work for me!
  6. Hello Guys and Girls, I have a 1993 Z50 and a 2006 CRF70 for my girls to race on, the bikes both need an oil change and I don't have a manual for either bike. (not sure why I don't have one for the new one!?!?) Anyway what I need to know please is: 1) amount of oil (GN4 honda oil) in CC that is needed for each bike 2) also there are 2 plugs on the bikes, which one is it! Thanks!
  7. Suzi Q

    KTM 105 SX for petite wife?

    I am also 5'4" and I ride a CRF230, KTM300 and a DR650, IF she is a good rider height really shouldn't be too much of an issue? I ride standing up 80% of the time and prefer a bigger bike. I have ridden the Kawi 100 and it is awesome fun, feels too small for me personally, when I stood up it felt like a bicycle! It has the advantages of disc brakes too. It is also very lightweight if she is struggling to pick up say a 230. She should go to a dealers and sit on (and ride if poss) as many bikes as possible! Good luck with that decision!
  8. Suzi Q

    I must be the coolest Mom!

    Well thanks! One can only try! Hopefully I will still be cool once they are teenagers!! sandfly :I see the blackfoot sticker and the winter coat. Are you from Calgary? Yes I am from just outside of Calgary, bought both Honda's at Blackfoot, know the guys there pretty well How about you, I see it says Alberta?!
  9. Suzi Q

    I must be the coolest Mom!

    Yep, well spotted it's a 1993 Honda Z50, its now been inherited by her slightly younger sister who is upgrading from a PW50.
  10. So it was my daughters 9th Birthday yesterday and we got her a 2006 Honda CRF70 to match my CRF230, she is so pleased to have a mini version of my bike!
  11. Suzi Q

    Another newbie - Calgary riders?

    I am out of Calgary and can show you the ropes sometime at Maclean Creek. PM me with details and once the weather is better I can give you a shout. I am also on RMDRA which I see you also joined, there are a handful of us girls on there.
  12. Suzi Q

    Ice Riding

    I was out on the ice riding the oval a couple of weeks ago at about -10 plus windshield. We had a firepit (in a container) on the ice. Awesome fun! Sorry to hear about the hub, hope he heals quick!
  13. Suzi Q

    new bike

    Those PW50's make awesome starter bikes. We had one and started both our girls on it. Congrats on an awesome purchase! Hopefully here is a pic of my girls! Just bought a 2006 CRF70 for the eldest's birthday next week!
  14. Suzi Q

    KTM WSD Women Specific Design

    Me too, we have a 2005 300EXC that I love to ride once I have hauled myself up onto it! It's fine when riding as I mostly stand up but I kind of have to plan my stops to get a foot down!