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  1. OK, so on the actual bike ('05 KTM300EXC) the brake reservoir reads DOT 4, in the manual it reads dot 5.1 which one should I use??? The brakes are locking up alot at the moment, maybe some water in there??? Please advise which fluid to run and why! Thanks
  2. It must have been a man designing it!!!!!!
  3. I have an IMS and its good, infact I have one on the DR and one on the XR650 too!
  4. I am only 5'4" on a good day and have a DR650, I have it set at its lowest setting (you don't need a kit for this, unlike the KLR) and I also have a gel seat, I have no problems with the height at all, infact after coming off my CRF it feels small! If I keep one foot on the back brake at junctions, I can flat foot with the other, and I have short legs!!!! Good luck!
  5. Try on some Gaerne boots, I have large calves and they work for me!
  6. Hello Guys and Girls, I have a 1993 Z50 and a 2006 CRF70 for my girls to race on, the bikes both need an oil change and I don't have a manual for either bike. (not sure why I don't have one for the new one!?!?) Anyway what I need to know please is: 1) amount of oil (GN4 honda oil) in CC that is needed for each bike 2) also there are 2 plugs on the bikes, which one is it! Thanks!
  7. I am also 5'4" and I ride a CRF230, KTM300 and a DR650, IF she is a good rider height really shouldn't be too much of an issue? I ride standing up 80% of the time and prefer a bigger bike. I have ridden the Kawi 100 and it is awesome fun, feels too small for me personally, when I stood up it felt like a bicycle! It has the advantages of disc brakes too. It is also very lightweight if she is struggling to pick up say a 230. She should go to a dealers and sit on (and ride if poss) as many bikes as possible! Good luck with that decision!
  8. Well thanks! One can only try! Hopefully I will still be cool once they are teenagers!! sandfly :I see the blackfoot sticker and the winter coat. Are you from Calgary? Yes I am from just outside of Calgary, bought both Honda's at Blackfoot, know the guys there pretty well How about you, I see it says Alberta?!
  9. Yep, well spotted it's a 1993 Honda Z50, its now been inherited by her slightly younger sister who is upgrading from a PW50.
  10. So it was my daughters 9th Birthday yesterday and we got her a 2006 Honda CRF70 to match my CRF230, she is so pleased to have a mini version of my bike!
  11. I am out of Calgary and can show you the ropes sometime at Maclean Creek. PM me with details and once the weather is better I can give you a shout. I am also on RMDRA which I see you also joined, there are a handful of us girls on there.
  12. I was out on the ice riding the oval a couple of weeks ago at about -10 plus windshield. We had a firepit (in a container) on the ice. Awesome fun! Sorry to hear about the hub, hope he heals quick!
  13. Those PW50's make awesome starter bikes. We had one and started both our girls on it. Congrats on an awesome purchase! Hopefully here is a pic of my girls! Just bought a 2006 CRF70 for the eldest's birthday next week!
  14. Me too, we have a 2005 300EXC that I love to ride once I have hauled myself up onto it! It's fine when riding as I mostly stand up but I kind of have to plan my stops to get a foot down!