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  1. DRrickk

    alright guys lets see ur dr's! put up some pics!

    Here's my 2000 model:
  2. I followed the instructions of the Dyno Jet kit, set the DJ needle on the 4th clip from the top, 170 main jet.... 2 turns out on the pilot. Engine felt like it was surging a bit when the wind was strong or when buffeting. The the tip of the exhaust had absolutely no soot or carbon on it. I raised the needle one more setting and the performance greatly improved. I can now see a little bit of carbon (not much) on the tip of the exhaust pipe. However, when at full throttle, the engine appears to want to slightly sputter just after I release the throttle and crank it again. Could the 170 jet be too rich? Oh yeah, the fuel mileage now sucks... high 30s to very low 40s and the bike is now backfiring (low intensity) when downshifting quickly. I raised the idle speed and the backfiring tapered off especially when downshifting gently one gear at a time. It's a challenge getting this thing properly tuned! Any help would be appreciated.
  3. DRrickk

    DR650 carb jetting...

  4. DRrickk

    DR650 carb jetting...

    Hi there. I would appreciate some guidance in order to save time and grief in trying to figure out the right settings. I have a 2000 DR650 with over 40 000 kilometers on it. A few years ago I opened up the top of the air box, added the K&N filter, installed the dynojet needle, the 150 main jet and kept the stock exhaust. This set up was ok on pavement, but the K&N would allow a lot of dirt to enter the carb from off-road outings . So, I recently ordered the UNI air filter and figured I would try the DG R series exhaust. Any ideas what main jet I should use? I'm thinking 160 and 2.5 turns out on the pilot jet??? Fyi, I opened up the engine last year in order to replace a faulty valve seal (ran too lean due to my experimenting) and since I was in, replaced the piston and rings. Upon inspection, there was no noticeable wear on the cylinder wall or piston. The bottom end was rock solid as well. These engines are tough!!! DRrickk
  5. Well the moment has arrived and my son now wants a dirt bike. At 15, he's already been through a ttr-125 (11-12) and up until recently, a crf230. I guess we're looking for a used 250 ( 3 years old max) and I'm not sure if we should go with a 2 or 4 stroke. Does anyone have any suggestions? My son and his buddies will be riding both on trails and the local MX track which makes me wonder why he wouldn't consider an enduro bike such as a WR. I would hate to see the boy put all his money on repairs and I would really appreciate your views with respect to reliability of the major brands. Thanks.
  6. DRrickk

    clunk noise when I turn engine off

    Can anyone identify what the problem may be when I turn the engine off. The engine makes a onetime clunk just before it dies. Other than that, everything seems to be working fine. Could it be the timing chain is getting loose and is out of adjustment? The bike is a 2000 dr650 with approximately 20,000 miles on it.
  7. DRrickk

    top end work

    It's blue smoke for sure. It's oil.
  8. DRrickk

    top end work

    Thanks Lowercasee. Based on the number of replies, I guess I don't have too many options.
  9. DRrickk

    top end work

    Hi there! It's been a while since I posted something on this site, so here it goes. On cold starts, my 2000 DR puffs blue smoke badly probably 3 out 5 times and this episode lasts about a minute or so before it clears. Considering my bike has over 32,000 kms, I'm thinking I have a bad valve seal and it will likely need a replacement. In light of this repair and the top end will be opened for this purpose, is there anything else I could do to increase performance of the bike while remaining with regular unleaded gas. DRrickk
  10. DRrickk

    trail tech - vapour computer

    Thanks. That's all I needed to know.
  11. DRrickk

    trail tech - vapour computer

    Did anyone purchase a protector with their new computer? If so, can you advise which protector bolts right on without modification to the bike. Oh yeh! is the protector necessary? Thanks.
  12. DRrickk

    Busted speedometer

    Thanks for the input. I was wondering if the electronic versions were waterproof.
  13. DRrickk

    Busted speedometer

    In early October, I was on a group ride with 20 or so other riders in the mountains of my home Province. On the second day of the ride, the guys splintered into smaller groups and this caused some confusion in regards to meeting locations during the course of the day. Anyway, while I was in the process of trying to relocate a trail our group had lost, a rider from another group ran into me as I was going around a blind corner. For the most part, I can attest to the fact that my riding gear saved my ass as my 42 year old body "Supermaned" over the handle bars and landed belly first on the trail ahead. I had no scratches or lacerations, but I did crack three bones in my right foot. I guess my O'neal boots prevented a more serious break cause my entire foot turned a dark blue from the top of my ankle to the tip of all five toes. The other rider suffered no injuries. Lucky bastard Now that my foot is healed and a few feet of snow is on the ground, I started thinking about repairs. I need new handle bars, hands guards, a throttle cable, a choke cable, front shroud, a new front brake lever and a new chain guide. I also have some wiring repairs to get done cause the impact severed a number of wires just behind the speedometer mount. This being said, the stock speedo is in pretty sorry shape and I must replace it. So, should I go with a stock replacement or do you recommend something a little more high technology? What's been your experience with those aftermarket gadgets? .
  14. I own a 2000 dr650 with 25,000 kms (15500 miles). I've experienced no base gasket leaks from the odeometer reading of 13,000 to current mileage. I don't know about the prior owner, but service records didn't outline any such issues. I've used both mineral and synthetic oils from 5w30 to 20w50 depending on the riding conditions from early spring to late fall.
  15. DRrickk

    What causes DR650 base gasket leak?

    Due to the fact that DRs run lean from the factory and therefore run hotter, could this factor contribute to a leaking base gasket?