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  1. jgreene

    450 X head rebuild options.

    Can this option be used for a '04 250X? If so, what would be the appropriate part numbers? I need to replace valves for a friend before April. He is a casual trail rider on a limited budget, so I am hoping that the head will not require any machine work. The bike is currently running fine, but the one intake is using the smallest shim available. Thanks,
  2. jgreene

    1998 mint DR350s getting away from me

    Go to your local welding supply shop and purchase some "Lab Metal". It comes in paste form, you thin it out to a thick liquid with "Lab Metal Thinner", then patch the hole. I have used this to repair a hole the size of a finger in the crankcase of a friends 350, still holding after 5 years. Also repaired a cracked head in a Nissan truck. Can be sanded smooth, drilled, and even tapped if required.
  3. jgreene

    Hatfield McCoy

    We rode 148 and 199. They were fine, but some places are a little worn out. Both are directional, for me anyway. There are a cople place that I can only ride down, not up. Awsome single tack, wish they had more. Some of the black trails presented some challenges also.
  4. jgreene

    Hatfield McCoy

    Just got home. Rained all afternoon Thursday on us, but still had a great time. Got a little scared when the sun was going down and our map melted in the rain. Made it back to the hotel at 7:50. Rest of the weekend was great. Whatever the weather is, the trails can't be bad. Had a blast and already planning next trip. Loved the singe track.
  5. My biggest concern is endagering myself, or worse yet others by riding in the wrong class. Being almost 39 years old, I am really not looking to mix it up with guys that have been MX'ing since childhood. I think that I may ride the first one in the novice class. I would think that after the race I could somehow compare my lap times to the B's and see if I should move up for the next race. Or I may go to a practice day and let the track owner help me decide as has been suggested. I appreciate the advice, wish me luck.
  6. Not sure if this is the appropriate forum to ask, but need advice on which class to enter. I have never raced MX, but plan to later this month. I race HS and enduros in the B class so I am thinking that I need to ride the B class in MX. I am concerned that I may be in the way in the B class, but do not want to sandbag the C class. Would it be acceptable to enter C for the first race and avance for the next if I do well? Would it be safer in B with more expirienced riders, or C with riders most likely more my speed? Give me your opinions. Thanks,
  7. jgreene

    Hatfield McCoy

    Will you be riding with someone named Lee? If so, hopefully we will catch up with you.
  8. Appreciate the tip. Ordered one yesterday.
  9. jgreene

    Hatfield McCoy

    Going to the Browning Fork trail May 3rd to May 6th. Will be with a group of 6 riders and meeting anther group there. If anyone else will be in the area at this time, let me know.
  10. jgreene

    2002 250exc 2T 4 NEWBIE

    After a 4 or 5 hour enduro or hard ride, changing the oil is just cheap insurance for me. Everyone may not see the need, but it gives me piece of mind.
  11. jgreene

    First ride on 426

    Picked up an '01 426 a few months ago for $1200. Threw in a hotcam and a DB Dawg in the exhaust to make it quieter. Finally was able to ride it yesterday for the first time. Put in a few laps on the MX track and was able to do things that I have never done before. Mostly because all of my bikes are set up for trails. Then I hit the trails, for me, the bikes intended use. This bike is a blast. Tons of power, great suspension, handles excellent. I was impressed with the turning ability, I could more or less squirt around tight turns. The suspension was surprisingly plush. Absorbed all of the roots and rocks. I could use a steering stabilizer to eliminate some of the twitchy feeling. There was an 10" log laying across the trail in one of the faster sections. I would hit the log in 3rd gear just about wide open and the bike did not even realize it was there. I am a believer, can't wait for the first hare scramble.
  12. jgreene


    I have not been, but I believe the Green Ridge State Forest is just east of Cumberland. Maybe Orleans Road. If you are looking for MX, you may want to look at the Breezwood Proving Grounds or Wolfmans MX.
  13. jgreene


    I patched a hole in a friend's DR 350 using a produnct called Lab Metal. You can usually find it at a welding supply house or Fastenal. Worked real well. Apply it in thin layers, and once built up, grind flat with the case and you will never see the crack or hole. Years ago, even repared a cracked engine block in a Nissan truck.
  14. jgreene

    2002 250exc 2T 4 NEWBIE

    I have a 2000 and a 2004 250 EXC and love them. I change the oil and clean the air filter after every ride, and just some other typical routine maintenance. That's all. I change the spark plug once a year just for peace of mind.
  15. Friend bought this bike and the seller said that the shift fork may be bent. When ridden, bike shifts fine into 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th, but 4th makes a grinding noise and won't go into gear. He is pulling the motor and we will take a look at the trans. Any suggestions on what to look for, or thoughts on what we may find? Thanks,