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  1. tomyoung

    starting problem located

    I wanted to give further info to my starting problem. Besides detecting some air filter oil in my carb I dug deeper and my timing jumped way out either when I hit my kill switch or when I tried starting after riding the last time. Thank again for all the help.
  2. tomyoung

    Starting Problem

    It Looks Like My Carb Sucked In Some Oil Off My Filter Due To Not Blowing My Filter Dry After Cleaning With Parts Washer Solvent. I'm Going To Clean My Carb And Jets With A Good Cleaner. As Greg Said , I Could Have Slow Jets Clogged. Thanks Again , I'll Keep You Posted.
  3. tomyoung

    Starting Problem

    Thanks For The Response! It Could Be A Valve Problem But It Happened Very Suddenly For That. I Do Have Spark And Have Tried All Starting Methods But The Dry Plug Is Really Throwing Me. I WOULD THINK THERE WOULD BE NO SPARK IF THE KILL SWITCH STUCK, ALTHOUGH IT MAKES THE MOST SENSE FROM A TIMING STANDPOINT.
  4. tomyoung

    Starting Problem

    After riding, coasted to a stop hitting my kill switch. Next time I tried to start the bike, it wouldn't start. Changed spark plug which seemed to be good, but very dry-no fuel on it. Took the carburetor apart-everything seems fine. Was squirting fuel when operating the throttle. Still does not start. Backfires about one in 10-12 kicks. Have kept up with the timing chain tensioning. This bike has always been an easy starter. Have spark at the plug. Any suggestions?