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  1. Mine was in 1996 when I moved up from a CR 25 to a CR 500.. I thought that I could push it faster than I could ride it and when I strapped on that big boy, it was true. My game stepped up pretty fast.
  2. nickatnite

    Any other mid 30s folks getting back into it?

    Well, I guess I need to ad here myself. I'll make 36 this year and getting back into MX. Last time I rode a MX'er was 1997 and it was my beloved CR 500. I got me a yz 426 and am really suprised. I've never really left the bike scene, still ride my sportbike; but, getting back into MX has been a blast... I just got to remember now that I pay all of the bills and if I get hurt, I can't miss work like I did high school back in the 70's and 80's......