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  1. Put bike back together took pics but they were blury,try again later.I live on the nw side of town.The guy that welded the case is aerospace welder, he had several other offroad mistakes he was fixing.
  2. Give davis welding a call I saw several swing arms in his shop being repaired.623-221-1337
  3. Talked to davis welding today and turns out the shop is on my side town.So I stopped by and he cleaned up case and welded it.Ill try and post pics.
  4. I found guy in the the back of dirt bike magazine that welds magnesium.Anyone ever use this guy?
  5. I tried to remove some oil without removing forks.But when I released forks from cap screws I couldnt see any oil in outer chamber to remove any?Is this right?
  6. battery to run light,gas tank.maybe larger radiator from 450x to help cool.
  7. I recently added 05 450x kickstand to my 04.I was wondering if anyone has done similiar swaps.Like radiator,overflow,battery,plastics,headlight.
  8. I really just need it for weekend trip to forest just to be legal. Thats why I thought I could buy 450x for cheap,and use only once in awhile...04 450r
  9. I have tried to get 450x stock muffler with spark arrestor from 450x forum.But everyone wants more than if I just buy pro moto billet end cap or dr.d end cap.Of these two has anyone installed either?
  10. 1998 xr70 gas tank is yellowed what is best way to remove discoloration?
  11. looking for stock 450x pipe / trade for mountain bike parts???
  12. Im Lookin For A Stock Pipe And Muffler.anyone Want To Get Rid Of One?
  13. Has Anyone Done This, Upgraded 1998 Xr 70 To 2003 Plastics And Tank.i Would Like To See Pic,and Does Stock Seat Work With Newer Tank.
  14. Ive tried to find this for 98 xr70? Bikebandit has some I also have seen post that stated 50-70-100 xrs are the same plastic I dont know for shure.
  15. Can someone tell me exactly what I need to put headlight on bike?I've been to trail tech site and baja designs.But stator,coil,flywheel,rectifier,volt regulator???Also ricky stator doesn't sell lighting for 450.