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    Mostly woods riding, some MX, Alpine skiing/ Snowboard PSIA Instructor
  1. LBZYZ426

    One way trails?

    Your point has been noted- Cresting hill tops we can all agree on, I'd hope- There won't be a definite answer to this. Yet, If one exits a turn running wide at high rate, and collision occurs, the fault is on them! If serious injury is caused and actually went to court. I and lawyer would feel much better knowing I favored my lane of travel, hence rules of road fashion. I've been riding for 25 years and have had many near head-on's while trail riding. From on coming rider panic reactions with brakes locked and squirmy last second steering. To the straight up worst decision. You have to be willing to voluntarily low side your bike. That being, If run out room isn't available. It is best to slide and get chewed up verse meeting triples to triples. I would much rather be run over then meet mass to mass or even fly into the woods. Trees usually don't tend to give way. You will walk away with much less personal damage. Freak accidents do happen as in the case of Marco Simoncelli in moto gp. Still, its better than the latter. Folks should ride with mind set that they aren't the only ones in the world. So with out clear line of sight, don't push it. Best of luck to you all.
  2. LBZYZ426

    Most technical trail in mi?

    In Michigan Evert is as tight as it gets, unless you score some fresh tracks off beaten track, in some remote area. "Where it is allowed, of course". Its more of the over grown trails then dodging timber. If you want super tight for days, road trip to Carter Mt Rec Area in TN. Down south they pride themselves off bark busting with their bare skulls.. "Whoo boy, I tell you what! Son!"
  3. LBZYZ426

    Michigan roll call

    Ya thats right, you heard it here! WI is a disgrace to our 2 wheeled sport. Its a bunch of tubbies on 4 wheelers writing the rules. I choose to ride Michigan because they do it right. One pass, unlimited number of designated trails. I'm not able to give back to my state by supporting small restaurants/fuel stations along the way, so I give it to Michigan. If riders ask where to ride, I say other side of pond. Thanks Gov Walker you P.... O. S...! When it comes to riding and what I love, I'm 100% True Blue! Amazing people in Michigan!
  4. LBZYZ426

    Ice riding in NE IL / SE WI

    Oops Feb
  5. LBZYZ426

    Michigan roll call

    Twin Lakes, WI, ride Kalkaska area often.
  6. LBZYZ426

    Most technical trail in mi?

    Evert agreed! That's child's play of Red Bird KY though.
  7. LBZYZ426

    One way trails?

    Stay to right on up hills and blind turns.
  8. LBZYZ426

    MamaTried Bike Event - Milwaukee

    Feb 17-19th Indoor flat track at Bradley Center Saturday and Ice racing on Lake Michigan Sunday. http://mamatriedshow.com Looks pretty cool!
  9. LBZYZ426

    Ice riding in NE IL / SE WI

    Event this weekend- Indoor flat track at Bradley Center Saturday and Ice racing on Lake Michigan Sunday. http://mamatriedshow.com
  10. LBZYZ426

    Ice riding in NE IL / SE WI

    Ya.. I would never go on chain o lakes on two wheels. The whole lakes system is a flowage with many areas of thin ice. I do see folks who annually plow a flat track oval, just west of bridge on rt 173 (heading west). About 5 mins away is my town, twin lakes. Has two natural lakes Elizabeth/Mary. Elizabeth is largest lake in Kenosha Co. I see folks on bikes with studs, looks like a blast! Just riding wheelies, high speed turns, etc. Its impressive how much traction they get. There is a small hump between lakes, so you could ride both lakes all day if ya wanted. Sleds are screaming across them all day and night.
  11. LBZYZ426

    Austin Forkner - 2017 SX Prep - Raw

    He's ok, lacks attitude.
  12. LBZYZ426

    Indoor tracks in Illinois?

    Racine Joint- http://www.racineindoormx.com
  13. LBZYZ426

    13 weeks in Marshfield Wisconsin

    http://www.riderplanet-usa.com Wisconsin not very bike friendly, if they are, trails are mud pits or loose sand from quads.
  14. LBZYZ426

    Looking for suggestions for good places to ride in Wisconsin

    Ya, go to Michigan! Wisconsin isnt too friendly to bikes. Here is a site with map of riding areas. View on tablet or pc for pac, iphone may not work. http://www.riderplanet-usa.com
  15. LBZYZ426

    YZ426F Shifter

    Looking for advice on replacing my OEM shift lever on 01 YZ426F. Dealer wants $120 for OEM shifter,,, hummm.... My shifter is wearing over the years, the teeth have slack. Comes down to poor assembly on Yamahas part as the bolt that clamps on stud would not seat properly, I have tapped it out so that the bolt runs though completely. It's not helping me out at this point. Anyone have recommandations on replacment shifter thats cheaper then $120? Love Yamahas, bike hasn't given me any problems aside from this after 12 yrs of putting it though hell.. Amazing !! Just need a new shifter.. Thanks!, All I see is this one.. http://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/43/53/218/950/-/3029/Tusk-Folding-Shift-Lever/SHIFT+LEVER