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  1. 4whlfun

    Trail tech stator problems

    I did what trail tech told me to do. Pull the two yellow wires. That way it is back to AC. By passing battery and regulator. Battery tested good. When it was running ac voltage was good but seemed intermetent. I get no voltage now and my 16 year old 6ft3in 225 lb son we call iron leg due to an older 620 ktm I had was doing a lot of kicking, only the hill started it. Second time another hill didn't work and we couldn't get it to start again at all. Left the trail tech flywheel in do to there support saying it would be ok. Only put my stock stator back in. Starts first kick every time now. This happend on sat. I have been going riding every weekend now that the weather is nice. I will know more this saturday. I will do an ohm test before I put that stator back in but need to talk to trail tech more on that. I have tested this system according to how there support said to. Like I said they have awesome support team. I am in know way bad mouthing them. But I ride in some very harsh terrain. and love single tracking and don't want a squid having to come rescue the bike. The Ford was bad enough. Only went this way to have some lights. I prefur the light weight of the r but probably should have bought an X
  2. I bought the compete kit S-8201A for a 06 CRF450R Which is flywheel, stator, regulator, and battery. Everything was fine for about 4 hours, the bike has 30 hours on it I am the only rider to ever ride it and I only ride trails and am an older man,bike never even comes close to revlimiter. Bike started coming to a stop and just dying. Thought maybe valves need ajusted, but they where in spec. I had a new honda air filter I looked on this site and seen it could be a stator issue. Contacted trail tech on how to test the system. Everything tested fine. Well the bike died 20 miles from BFE in the middle of the arizona desert. We got it to push start down a very big hill and for the first couple of miles as long as I didn't go slow it would stay running then 10 miles from the truck it died for good. My buddies went back and got the truck Think God I wasn't single track riding. Got it home put the stock stator back in fired first kick and ran like the champ it has been. Now I know trail teck will help they have awesome support. Here is the dilema do I put there stator back in when i send them this one it is under warranty. I am afraid to trust this. This has left a bad taste in my mouth. Stator only made it roughly 6 hours. The Arizona desert isn't very forgiving. What do you guys think. Also stator still looked like new. No problems that the eye could see
  3. A couple of dealerships here in Arizona have been advertising 4000 for 08 crf450r western honda was one of them. A friend of mine showed the add to metro motors and he got it for 4500 out the door. I think you are a little high in Oregon 5500 out the door
  4. 4whlfun

    06 crf450 good or bad?

    Most notable is going to be the power difference. I have rode a buddies 02 300 two stroke KTM And my 06 crf450r will smoke it. I also have an older 620 KTM Top end with factory gearing the KTM is faster however getting up there isn't even close. This is the first crf450 I have had but won't be the last. And the Honda sure starts a lot easier when it is hot. And a lot lighter
  5. 4whlfun

    Would parting out a 450R be worth it???

    I agree sell the XR The crf is much funner I have owned both sold my xr won't part with my crf450r
  6. I don't know about tubeliss with motorcycle tires. But I am thinking about trying it. However I run it with mountain bikes on the single tracks in Arizona. I have never had a flat since going to this system. I have used tubliss rims and tubliss conversions on regular rims. They are both awesome. Never no more pinch flats. Easier pedaling pickedup 10 mph more ,no just kidding. Couldn't really notice much difference with tubeliss conversion but with the rim setup I did. However you do have to becarefull how much air you run or the tires can pop off the bead, on the mountain bike setups. I learned that one the hard way
  7. 4whlfun

    Mountain Bike Prices - Crazy!

    I just sold a niner 29'er and a specialized stumpjumper fsr to buy an 06 crf450r that a friend I have worked with for 20 years bought in 07 at the dealer and never rode. He races mtn bikes and use to race motorcross thought about getting back in to it and just kept it to hang his mtn bike tires on. I bought the niner from him a year ago. Decided I didn't like being the motor. Paid 3000 for an unrode bike that never had gas in it. At least it is getting some use now. I believe the niner and stumpjumper are getting some use now. But they sure looked pretty in my garage
  8. 4whlfun

    Adding a light to the front.

    Do you still have the trail tech kit?
  9. They actually work. People have been using bb's in big superswamper tires on large 4x4 tire's for years. The motorcycle store I go to has them. Look for Innovative Balancing on the web or Dyna Beads. No BS they work.
  10. 4whlfun

    Brand New 650R

    I have had a complete T-4 for several years. I am plated and ride a lot on the road, but also ride a lot offroad. It has been very durable and it is tunable. Personal opinion junk the stock exhaust. If you where that worried about money you would have bought a chinese piece of junk.
  11. 4whlfun

    Power of R over the L

    Tight northeast woods. Power may not come in to play, but the almost 50lbs and the L suspension sure would. I would stick with the R there. Plate it and I would chose R every time
  12. 4whlfun

    Need Input

    I have had similar problems with a truck when the magnetic pickup in the distributor was going bad. Could very possibly be in the electrical system. If you feel the carb is ok and you are getting fuel. I would start looking at the spark, when it quit's running. See if it is week or none at all. Till it cool's down. This is a common electrical problem also in coils. When they get hot they quit working when they cool down they work
  13. 4whlfun

    Axle Holder (Bolts Sheered off)

    Burly what is a tap/bolt disentigrater. I have been a machinist for 26 years and I have never heard of this machine. What is the process it does. I know in the last 10 years the technology in machining is rapidly improving. I am currently running a Fanuc Robodrill Mill.
  14. 4whlfun

    Best Header/Exhaust for the 650R

    I am running the T-4 full exhaust. Love it. Looks good very durable and tunable. Loud enough that the people on the road know you are beside them. Wouldn't have it any other way. Like the harley guy's say Loud Pipes Save Live's
  15. Man I have been using WD-40 for years. Even use it on myself for arthritus in my knees and hip's. Works wonders on everything on your bike and yourself. Best snakeoil ever made