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  1. I have a 02 cr 250 with a 36mm keihin. The pilot circuit is rich. It has a 35 pilot in it. I can't find a smaller pilot anywhere. Is there a way to lean the pilot circuit out? Is there an air jet in the carb? Can you put a bigger one in? I'm at 6000 feet elevation & it run too rich & spoodes too much.
  2. Just wondering, does anybody use a single stage stack in the shock? I see a lot of people on here like a single stage stack in the forks for mx but the shocks are allways a 2 or 3 stage stack.
  3. if you go with heavier fork springs don't forget to take the thicker coils into account when you set your oil level. .42's should work well for you. Contact me and I'll provide you with some specs
  4. The way I understand it, if the wheel doesn't rebound quick enough before hitting the next bump you are deeper into the spring & can cause it to kick.
  5. This is a great thread & I'm learning a lot. I'm still a little confused. Are the spacer (set) shims in the quote above the same as the adjusting shims in the picture dogger posted? If they are, ktm-lew & kelstr said this quote is correct but from what gospeedracer51 & russ17 say than this quote would be incorrect. Or am I misunderstanding something? Please forgive me, I'm still learning.
  6. Mine was $6995 plus tax and license, think the total was $7800