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    Places to Ride By the B-Line

    Check out riding in the Tonto Forest - stage at Wildcat staging area 1 mile down Bartlett Dam road. Stop in the ranger station there and they have some maps. Tons of riding off the 87 - Sycamore Creek area. Check out arizonatrailtalk.com and arizonatrailriders.org websites to find some local riding clubs.
  2. speaker

    any 300 tricks?

    Also make sure you know how your Rekluse is set up. You have a range of choices from soft engagement to hard/aggressive. If it is set up to engage softly you might feel like the bottom end is weak. That is perfect for when there is not traction but when the dirt is good you may want a harder engagemetn. I have an 08' 300 XC-w and the thing flat rips and it is very easy to adjust how the power comes on between the PV spring/adjustment, Rekluse engagemetn and having the jetting right.
  3. I will be adding an FMF Q2 to my CRF250X this weekend. I have previously set up with a JD Jetting kit, full airbox mods except pulling the air filter screen and have the red needle, 5th groove from top and the 158 main jet. Can you give me some hints on where to start when I add the new exhaust? Thanks Speaker