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  1. sandhopper

    ANy word on mulberry

    Does anybody have any news on Mulberry opening?
  2. sandhopper

    Croom Comments

    What, are you nuts????????!!!!!!!!!
  3. sandhopper

    Ashley Fiolek on the CRF150R

    Her level of awareness may far exceeds yours. I'm sure her other senses are more acute than most people. Just because she has a hearing impairment doesn't mean she is a danger. She deserves credit for her accomplishments and has every right to race.
  4. sandhopper

    Womens Chest Protectors

    Your best bet is to take her to a store to try them on, so she can see what is most comfortable for her. You could 1) get her an early present; 2) go back and buy whichever one she likes best after she tries them; or 3) just get her a gift certificate for plenty of money so she can go get lots of stuff!
  5. sandhopper


    Heh? Are the trails to which you refer outside the confines of croom, in the state forest?
  6. sandhopper

    Taken for granted

    I am sorry about your friend. Please consider that you may have an opportunity to share a special moment with your friend at a very significant time in his life. Having you visit may be a valuable gift to him and his family, affording all of you a sense of peace.
  7. sandhopper

    Florida Riders

    Sad news. He sounds like a special person that will be missed by all who knew him. I'm curious to know what kind of helmet he wore. Does anyone know?
  8. sandhopper

    Levers for small hands

    That stinks! Hope you get it soon. Keep us posted.
  9. sandhopper

    Levers for small hands

    Donna, have you gotten to try out the new lever yet? I'm anxious to hear how it works for you.
  10. sandhopper

    What does everyone ride?

    5'4"? You're tall to some of us! I WISH I was 5'4". I started riding street in 2002. Just started playing in the dirt (sand, actually) a few months ago. I ride a CRF230 - selling my Sportster 883C.
  11. sandhopper

    Shopping Spree

    Where'd you go? I'm in the same neck of the woods as you (so to speak) - always end up buying on line because I can never find what I'm looking for in the shops.
  12. I'm posting on behalf of my husband, who, in typical manly fashion, has difficulty seeking medical opinions. A few weeks ago he went over a gorge and when he landed, he felt the bike hit him in the. . . . buttocks. He said he felt "something give" when it happened, but he didn't have any pain until about 24 hours later. Ever since, he's had intermittent pain eminating from above his right buttock (sort of lower back), down the back of his leg. He says the pain in his leg hurts worse than his back. Sometimes no pain - then he'll move a certain way or stand up, and it's all he can do to stand up straight. He says it doesn't hurt when he rides - except today he pulled a wheelie, and said it hurt when he came down a little quick. I'm no medical expert, but I suspect it might be sciatica. What are the most likely causes of the symptoms he's having? Are there exercises he can do to help his condition? Thanks in advance for any advice/suggestions.
  13. sandhopper


    . . . here vs. hear . . .
  14. In their infinite wisdom, Honda doesn't put the spoke torque in the 230 manual. Does anybody know what the torque should be??? Thanks in advance.
  15. sandhopper

    Starting a CRF150

    How about an electric start?