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  1. CRF88

    143cc bore kit

    I have the complete Trailbikes 143 kit (with new V2 roller rocker head) and stroker crank and mine is 10x faster then stock. Its hard to keep the front end down if your heavy on the throttle like me.
  2. CRF88

    klx110 jump

    That thing is sik. what motor was in it?
  3. CRF88

    klx110 jump

    85s are huge compared to that little thing lol. IDK I just thought it was pretty cool...
  4. CRF88

    klx110 jump

    Not sure if this a repost but here it is. http://media.putfile.com/Bowie1
  5. CRF88

    Sdg Stolen!!!!

    Damn man that sucks, mine was stolen too about 3 months ago. Did you have it locked up?
  6. CRF88

    best 88 kit for a 05 crf50?

    The 124 super head plus R makes 19-20 hp, not the 88.
  7. CRF88

    XR50 throttle restrictor

    LOL, yes make sure. My sister wanted to ride my 50 so I said sure....so I give it to her and before she gets on it she says "how do you make it go?". So I tell her to twist the throttle and BOOM the 50 comes flying at me in a power wheelie LOL. Luckily she held on to the bars and I caught it but man was that scary
  8. CRF88

    In Aire Braking Question!

    You should try leaning forward/backward and pushing/pulling on your bars to adjust your pitch in the air, it works alot better than your brakes.
  9. Stay away from BBR bore kits. Go TB unless you want a takegawa superhead or kitaco SE head cuz those are the only ones that are worth it if you want better performance. But you can't beat Tb for the price.
  10. I heard the GPX's are great. http://*************/store/product_info.php?cPath=21&products_id=28
  11. Oh you think I photoshopped that? Theirs more where that came from....
  12. Some of you guys *edit* ...no doubt that jump is possible on a 100. That kid just has mad skills. Check out this guy on a 50! http://vids.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=591508509&n=2&&Mytoken=92A4AB42-13FA-B263-83ACB93B7543ED93852807
  13. CRF88

    bbr pipe

    I think either the five-o or the two bros is the best choice IMO. I like the pro-circuit, but its really loud and poppy, not like a five-0 or two bros which are deep sounding.
  14. CRF88

    bbr pipe

    bbr pipe= good low end, great middle and top Two bros= good low end, excellent mid and top Fast 50s= excellent low end, very nice mid and okay top
  15. CRF88

    '05 crf50 clutch

    My crf50 did this too, but maybe you can ajust it if its really a problem.