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  1. landscaperdude

    cycra handgards..

    With the Cycras you can choose the type of mount you want.
  2. landscaperdude

    cycra handgards..

    I read here that the Zeta's are a licenced copy of the Probends.
  3. landscaperdude

    handguards you don't saw off/modify?

    I used the Cycra Probends. No cutting required. The bend makes it easy to moves hands on and off grips. Deflector coverage is great. I read somewhere here that Zeta licenced the Probends under their name.
  4. landscaperdude

    Cycra Center Mount Reach handguards

    Remember those same bolts hold the top of the forks secure...not something you want to chance. Getting bolts that thread in the same distance as the stock bolts without the mounts would be a much safer bet. Depending on the bars rise and sweep you will have to bend the hanguard to match it.
  5. landscaperdude

    What do you say to the people who......

    Isn't weight relative? Once you get used to a certain weight bike you don't notice it much until you ride something lighter. For its intended purpose the DRZ is as good as it gets. Again its all about compromises. Couldn't ride my CR down the street...:busted:legally anyway!
  6. landscaperdude

    Cycra Center Mount Reach handguards

    I use the Cycra Pro-Bends with the triple clamp mounts. You need longer than stock bolts in the triples. Things are rock solid. Have been lucky and not really had to test them yet! Coverage is great.
  7. landscaperdude

    What do you say to the people who......

    Remember everyone has an opinion. Not all are based on fact. Everyone has a bike they think is best for that purpose. Then there is brand loyalty. If the bike works for you then it is the bike to use. Is there a better choice? Maybe, but it is about compromises. You would be hard pressed to find a bike that can do what the DRZ does doth an road and off and with reliability and low maintainence. It is all about trade off. As for your ability, the bike can be modded to grow with that also.
  8. landscaperdude

    Do you guys actually even ride your bikes?

    Bikes are meant to be ridden. Scratches and dings, especially in dirt are gonna happen. Personally, I wash mine after every ride, but not to the point of OCD. Clean bike=less overall maintainence...at least I think so!
  9. landscaperdude

    Diff between S and SM, besides the obvious....plus

    Even if you get the SM, you don't want S tires. The rims yes. Tires NO. They don't call them deathwings for nothing. Alot of guys here swap wheel sets back and forth. You can get pretty decent knobbies and and still ride road. Good luck on your choice.
  10. landscaperdude

    William1/ Positive thoughts(Prayers) speedy recovery!

    Speedy recovery and best wishes. We need your input around here.
  11. And I thought getting my wedding band caughton the side rack of a truck while jumping gown hurt (7cm cut around my finger--finger 8cm around! ). Its amazing how fast things can happen. Think first!
  12. landscaperdude

    JD jetting on A Mikuni carb on sea level.

    I followed the JD instructions the first time, then consulted TT to redo it so the bike would run right.
  13. landscaperdude

    HELP! Jetting problem

    Already checked vaccum line to petcock after reading all the trouble it has caused in the past for everyone. Elevation around here is 1000' give or take. Jd jetting instructions call for red needle, 4th groove from top. Should it be the blue? Spent last night reading old jetting post looking for Eddie's answers. Jets are in the right positions also. I guess its time to take the carb off and triple check everything.
  14. landscaperdude

    HELP! Jetting problem

    Did the 3x3 mod and re-jetted using the jd kit. "01 400S, stock exhaust, stock motor, in Ohio. Jetted following the instructions in the jd kit. #155 main, #25 pilot, Red needle, 4th notch from top, fuel screw 2 turns out. 3x3 hole is exact. Air filter new. now the bike won't run without choke on. Idles fine, boogs with acceleration. Turn choke off-dies. Every thing else seems to be in order. Just wanted input before removing the carb again.
  15. landscaperdude


    Thanks for the feedback guys. Too many choices though. I've been using an older Camelbak Viper. Holds 3.1 litres water, but very small storage. Will be checking some of those suggested especially the Camelpaks because I've had such good luck with the one i have.