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  1. matt schmitt

    Boyeson Reeds .need Help!!!

    I bought boyeson superstock reeds for my cr.Then I read a magazine article about reeds, and they said the powerreeds were higher performance reeds,but there cheaper.I havent installed them yet,shouldI return them and buy powereeds????
  2. matt schmitt

    Yamaha Blaster Wanted

    If anyone in the midwest has an old blaster for cheap PM me. I dont care if it has a motor ,I just need a CHEAP chassis.Thanks!
  3. matt schmitt

    Cb 125

    How much power would a CB 125 have. I want to put this in a Fourwheeler.
  4. matt schmitt

    Blaster problems

    How much will that cost to fix? if its to much I could just buy a newer bottom end with a six speed tranny!
  5. matt schmitt

    84 yz80

    If it was 18 that would be more than a stock blaster
  6. matt schmitt

    84 yz80

    How much horsepower would a 80's yz80 have?
  7. matt schmitt

    Best place for yz 85 aftermarket parts?

    Dennis kirk is the best.2 day shipping for me.I like rockymountainmc.com to
  8. matt schmitt

    Need a YZ85 video

    I used to have a kx60 with a few mods and it will pull the wheel with my dad in 3rd gear.I ride an 85 expert now and alot more power.
  9. matt schmitt


    If it was overfull, couldnt that be why the spooge is coming out the exaust?
  10. matt schmitt

    CR/XR Conversion Questions (Looking to Buy)

    That looks nice
  11. matt schmitt


  12. matt schmitt

    Blaster problems

    It normally does it shifting down. Its a 88 and it hasnt been rode a lot till this year,and yes i ride it hard.Now it is starting to do it in 3rd.I have changed the oil.
  13. matt schmitt

    Yz 85

    If you weigh 140 get a cr85 expert
  14. matt schmitt

    Yamaha Blaster problems

    My blaster will slip out of 2nd gear 4-5 times every ride. how much do you think this will cost and what is it?
  15. matt schmitt


    would it be worth the money to buy reeds for my cr?Or should I buy a pipe.I've also thought about porting. A