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  1. caplew

    Single or Duals?

    There is some truth to that but I believe it's on a moded motor....My opinion, is why make your bike look a year older with a single????
  2. caplew

    Power now carb thing

    Jet to Pro Circuit jetting specs and you will get a better throttle response as well....Remove the float baffle to.
  3. caplew

    Tokyo Mods Carb Mod Worth The $$?

    Accelerator pump (AP)
  4. caplew

    Hot Cams Stage 2

    I have the stage 2 and love it. Hard to tell exactly what the cam did since I also put a JE 13:5:1 piston in at the same time. It definately pulls harder and I only had to change the jetting.
  5. caplew

    Best front tire from dunlop

    The RR's are very soft but boy does that thing hook up. I did have a problem though. I within 2 rides I was tearing off all the side lugs. Met the Dunlop rep at Anaheim 1 and he sent me a new one right away. (great customer service) Talked with another rep at San Francisco and he admitted they are having issues with the RR due to them being so soft. Who cares they stick and besides, who pays retail for tire? I get them for 50 bucks! tickets and food at the movies cost that much.......
  6. caplew

    Best front tire from dunlop

    Thats' because thier soft and hook up!!!!! I buy for tractions and not longevity.
  7. caplew

    Need help on gearing-Arenacross/Motocross

    I spoke with a few mechanics in Anaheim and some run a 13/53 for Supercross.
  8. caplew

    Suspension clickers

    get new springs. Check your race sag and free sag and see if you can get them where they need to be, but I have a feeling you will have to re-spring.
  9. caplew

    Best front tire from dunlop

    Depends on where you ride...For a wide range I like the 952, but I run the 756 most of the time.
  10. caplew

    06 twin piper

    Lot of options....Slip on's, full system or the promoto billets inserts
  11. caplew

    06 250f handeling??

    Also check to see if your bearings are in good shape and that the stem bolt is snug...
  12. caplew

    Noob-clutch not working?

    Sounds like everything is normal then......
  13. caplew

    Noob-clutch not working?

    How did the clutch basket look? Was it serrated looking?
  14. caplew

    What worked for you.

    To give you a simple answer, yes you must constantly check and shim ti valves. You cannot start one of theses motors and not in some way start wearing valves. They heat up, cool down and slap valves seats changing the shape and length as you ride. Of course re-shimming is a band-aid that extends the life for a long time with no harm. Who has money to replace them every few weeks????? Thats why they make shim kits.....
  15. caplew

    good baseline suspension settings

    You must change your spring rates to obtain proper settings.