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  1. I'd really like to see a live SuperCross event this year. Atlanta is several hours away but the closest option. The schedule I found says the doors open at 12:30pm and the races start at 7pm. When watching on TV it looks like there's a lot for fans to walk around and do or see. Is this all happening between 12:30pm and 7pm or is this happening earlier in the morning outside the dome? I'm trying to figure out if I can drive to the event Saturday morning without missing anything, or will I have to drive the day before and stay overnight to catch the Saturday morning action?
  2. abreuma

    Plating a dirt bike in NC

    I didn't try it with the 94 XR250. I sold the bike and bought a titled KTM 400 instead.
  3. This seems to be the latest thread on the AMA Dual Sport events so I'd like to jump in and ask some questions. I'm in my late 40's. A long, long time ago when I was 15 I rode a couple of "enduros" with timed segments and whoever was closest to the event master times (or whatever they're called) won. I didn't do too well because I had a habit of missing turn arrows, so I moved to MX where it was harder to get lost, but I've always been disappointed in myself for screwing those early rides up. It appears the modern "enduro" is a little different then what I remember based on what I've seen on TV in the last year. Now I'm riding a street bike as well as a KTM LC4 400 dual-sport and I'd love to actually accomplish something close to what I failed at when I was 15. I'd love to finish a 100+ mile day ride somewhere that I haven't ridden before, so I'm interested in this AMA Dual-Sport series. I've never seen a route sheet but I'm guessing I could figure it out, although I'm not sure how well I could actually use one and ride at the same time. How are the events started? If someone needs fuel part way through the event what do they do? In the events I remember there was a designated spot where people met riders with fuel cans. Is this a race or a ride? Are there classes? Trophies? Points? My LC4 doesn't have rim locks. If I want to ride one of these events should I add some? Are riders bringing family or friends who don't ride? Are there spectator opportunities? (I know this depends on the specific event.) For example, if I brought my son and he doesn't ride is he stuck at the start/finish all day with nothing to see? The AMA site doesn't have much information on what these events are - just a schedule. I'm looking for more information on what they are and aren't. Thanks!
  4. If we're talking about the bearing behind the clutch on the left side here's a good write-up. http://ktmtalk.com/index.php?showtopic=44168 I have the bearing and am going to do this on my 2001 LC4-E 400 this year. You don't need to remove the motor or split the cases to do this.
  5. abreuma

    Florida Statutes 1261.20 (3) Effective July 1, 2008

    I live in NC. A similar law was put in place for ATVs in NC a couple of years ago. http://www.atvsafety.gov/legislation/NorthCarolinalaw.pdf I'm all for kids safety but I'd rather have them out riding ATVs and dirt bikes than camped in front of the TV all the time.
  6. abreuma

    2001 ktm lc4 400

    Hey tumpyz, I bought the same year/model KTM this past December and have some of the same questions. In my manual it says the USA KTM LC4-E 400 has a BST40-225 carb with these settings: Main Jet: 142.5 Needle Jet: 689 X-6 Idling Jet: 45 Jet Needle: 6G5 Needle clip position from top: 3 from top Mixture adj screw open: 2.25 turns According to my manual the 640 has the same carb and setup. My bike starts fine. I set the choke to full and hit the starter button with no throttle turn. My bike starts and the idle goes hi, so I have to immediately turn the choke back to get what I think is a reasonable warm-up idle. I'd describe my 400 as cold blooded and things get better after it's warmed up pretty good. I'd also say that the off-idle throttle response is pretty weak, which is something I'd like to do something about. The question is, can the stock Mikuni carb be tweaked or are we wasting our time and should be looking for a FCR? I may re-read some of the 640 carb threads to see if there are BST40 changes that helped them. Up till today I wasn't aware they were using the same carb that year. I live near sea level and would welcome any jet/needle suggestions. Mark.
  7. abreuma

    1998 ktm 400 LC4

    I bought a 2001 LC4-E 400 before Christmas. I've only had it on the road so far. Was hoping for a time on a clay MX track this weekend but it's raining today and the clay could be a mess. I owned a 1994 XR250R and only road it on trails or at the clay MX track. I liked the XR and if I could have titled and plated it easily I would have kept it. I thought it was pretty reliable and "spunky" for a 250. Bought the KTM and sold the Honda. Doesn't look like the previous owner did anything to the KTM and stored it outside, so it looked rough but started and ran ok. Right now I'd have to say my XR was quicker "off the line" than the KTM. I'm sure after about 3 shifts the KTM would be faster but it seems like a bit of a pig compared to the XR. To be fair I think I need to spend some time with the KTM and sort it out a little and I'm betting I could make it quicker.
  8. abreuma

    riding areas in horseheads,ny/anyone from here

    I was hoping to see a reply. I used to live in Corning NY but now I'm in the south east. In Corning I used to ride all over the south side hills back in the 70's. Back in 2006 I trailered my 1994 Honda XR250R up there to check out some of the old spots. Still there but it funny how 30 years can change things. Apparently a gas line had been run and crossed one of the roads and that road was gated. You could see where 4WD vehicles had driven around the gate. A swampy area with a road through it in the 70's was a small pond with a beaver hut. I could still see the road up the other side but wasn't sure how deep the water was. Since I was alone I didn't try it. There were other places to check out though - it's not a one-road kind of thing. If you're interested in knowing where this is send me a note.
  9. abreuma

    Not bike related but where.....

    My wife loves Fontana Village.
  10. abreuma

    '08 Mideast Schedule

    What sort of race series, bikes, etc are we talking about here? The southeast is a big place.
  11. Someone spoke for it and it's been shipped.
  12. Just updated my post. Apparently the stator was the same in years 1992 thru 1995 so this one could be re-wrapped and used in any of those years.
  13. Sadly I just sold my 94 XR250R. The lighting side of the stock stator failed and I replaced it with a Ricky Stator stator. I didn't toss the old one thinking that either I'd rewind it or find someone who wanted to give it a try. According to the Ricky Stator website the XR250 stators were the same in years 92-95 so if you have one of those year bikes and want this stator let me know. If someone's interested I'll send it for the cost of the shipping. Mark
  14. abreuma

    NC titling issues

    The bond value is 1.5 times the value of the bike but that's not the cost of the bond itself. Make some calls. Not all insurance companies do the bonds. My Allstate agent doesn't but he was able to direct me to someone who did them. Full disclosure - I did some homework on getting a title for a 94 XR250R but never went through with it.
  15. abreuma

    Wilmington NC

    I got nothin. I just sold my XR250 and bought a KTM I could plate so I could ride it more.