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  1. Mitch_XR400


    From Sac it's about four hours, I'm riding there on 1/21/08 with my kid....
  2. <HELP> I just bought a CRF150 it's very clean but the bike starts to idle really high when she get's warm, like way-high ! I'm putting my wife and kid on this thing so it could be dangerous:eek: !! Has this happened to you and what did you do to fix it beside's buying a new carb:thumbsdn: ? Thanks in advance for the advice, Mitch
  3. Mitch_XR400

    Who's done your Suspension Re-Valve? (XR400R)

    That's the "big" issue I don't have a space to work on the XR of my own!!!!! Thank you All for the great responses on this post:thumbsup:
  4. I'm looking into having a Suspension re-valve job done (front and rear) on my XR400! I would like to get some feed back on this subject so I can call around a price out this service and most important of all the turn around time on the job!!! Thanks for the info in advance:thumbsup:
  5. Mitch_XR400

    11/22 Foresthill Ride report - Perfecto Mondo Turkey Terrific-o

    See you there at about 10 Heckler, will be with the famliy.
  6. Mitch_XR400

    Foresthill 10/8 - Brats n Dogs Ride Report w/Photos

    Hey all, Thanks for the three hour tour it's alway fun riding with TT'ers The blisters are starting to pop, but i would do it again in a NY min.... Wow Ginger you can fly girl!!!!
  7. Mitch_XR400

    XR 400 vs. CRF 230???

    This is fun reading, I'm 6'3" and 215lbs and my first dirt bike was an IT490 (i did ride a street bike for a couple of years) almost killed me!!! Then i bought a DR650 for storage reasons, if i drop it i would toss my back out picking it up !! OH ya i have ridden a CRF230 but it was to small for my hight (everything can be modded, but more time wrenching then riding) like the E-Start though!! So the long and short of it I bought a XR400 it was a little short in the seat area but got risers that moved the bars up and out, that made this the prefect bike for me! Remember this is a trail bike and it is a little heavy but dam fun to ride! I alway find myself pushing the envelope and love it Go RED and F@%# the rest!!!!
  8. Mitch_XR400

    Anyone have a Q2 on there XR400?

    Thank you for the information, I live at sea level and will be headed to the MTN's (About 7000' to 8500') have you done any riding at that elevation? I may weight until I return to the bay area before installing? Again thanks for the information, Mitch
  9. Mitch_XR400

    Anyone have a Q2 on there XR400?

    Have you opened up your air box, an what kind of air filter are you using? I have not done any mod's to the air box it's all stock, oh i did put in a UNI air filter with no noticeable deference? thank you for the info.
  10. Mitch_XR400

    Anyone have a Q2 on there XR400?

    just picked up a FMF Q2 (stock header) for the 2000 XR! I spook with the tech at FMF and he said the a couple of Friends have just put the pipe no with the stock jetting and they ran fine, but those where XR650's not the 400 ! This muffler is for the XR400 (i check the part # with FMF) so I'm hoping i can just slip on, but if anyone out there has the same pipe on there XR400 please shoot me some tip's , if you don't mind ! "Keep the rubber side down" Mitch
  11. Good morning, the reason I'm writing this fine day is, i just bought a T4 Pro circuit EXH. system for my son . The air box has been opened and the carb is still all stock. Could i get a little advice on the Jetting for this system ? "please" Mitch
  12. Mitch_XR400

    Good Ride Guys !!

    Hey dp400, Thanks for the Ass Kicking yesterday, lol I will be sore for a week, but what a kick-ass ride You sure know the CC area This newbie had a great time!!! I hope I didn’t hold you all back too much For an “OG” you would out ride this 40sh guy any day …lol And Big Prop’s to my bud Heckler for hang back with me and making sure this “Newbie” made it back to the truck!! Hope to do the CC ride again, soon………….
  13. What's up TT'ers i need a little advice, When I stand up my bar's feel like they are to low? I'm 6'3" and my XR is stock, is there a riser bar or triple clamp I can pick up (with out braking the bank) that can help with this probelm thanks for reading, Mitch
  14. Mitch_XR400

    Front End Shaking on my 2001XR400

    Well yesterday I took out my XR and tested it (dropped the front shock tubes about 3mm and set the rear sag) after adjusting it on Friday! Went to a place called Stonyford (very cool riding area) not as easy a Hollister but just as fun!! The adjustments seem to help, I got up to 35MPH and no head shake! But I was not a tired as last time either! Will keep up dating this post with any new information when it applies to this problem.. Thanks again TT’ers for all your in-put, Mitch
  15. Mitch_XR400

    Front End Shaking on my 2001XR400

    Wow, thanks for all the info!! I e-mailed the PO and he told me he kept the front forks as stiff as he could? I’m 225 w/gear (lbs) he would run maybe 270 w/gear(lbs), this maybe why he had it so stiff? Will relax the fork and set the rear shock with the proper sag and then cross my fingers …LOL Going to work on “her” this Friday and ride Sunday... I will give an up-date on what it takes to tame this XR!