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  1. gerald28

    SM610 wheels on a TE510?

    I am sure the answer is no, but I have to ask. I am trying to find some supermoto wheels for my 08 TE 510. I found a set of 2006 SM 610 wheels on clist, any chance they will fit my TE510? Thanks!
  2. Hello, I just installed bib mousse inserts for the first time in my TE 510. The rear tire seated fine, but I cannot get the front to seat properly. it has about 5 inches on each side of the tire, at opposite sides of the rim where the bead will not seat (it is too far in). Of course I have tried with tools and multiple people. And I have bounced it on concrete, and spent an hour in a parking lot wheeling and hitting curbs to try to get it to come out. No luck. Any other suggestions? Do i just need to ride on it more? Regards, Gerald
  3. gerald28

    oil question

    Halls is great. If they don't have it, I have bought them from BikeBandit.com (they give a 10% AMA discount).
  4. gerald28

    Husqvarna Sunday Ride Topic

    I am new to the Husky fraternity, but I am hooked. Being able to root for the underdog is the American way of life. In business I compete daily against 2 fortune 1000 companies and enjoy the challenges of being the underdog. Something about that breeds loyalty. I never stood up for Yamaha, but I sure defend my Husky to any doubters...right before I blow by them. I love riding to work every day and race anything on 2 wheels. I am a typical motorcyclist in the fact that there is nothing in the world I would rather being doing than hitting the motocross track or some awesome single track. And if I can't get off road, at least I get to ride to work. I have only owned my Husky for 3 weeks and am running an AMA/Dual Sport 265 miles off road in 2 weeks. I am so confident my Husky will give me no problems. The camaraderie of the Husky community is overwhelming, compared to other brands. I currently own Yamaha, BMW, Ducati, and Gas Gas also and while most communities are great, they don't compare to this one. I enjoy my venti non-fat double latte before a ride, but not as much as a Shiner after the ride. I want the planet to be saved, but my wife and I both drive Escalades (mines the Ext at least) so we are pretty much giving the planet the finger. My English professor would give me an "F" for having so many "I....", but it was just easier. I am a Husky rider.
  5. gerald28

    2008 TE510 Shark Fin

    that is great, thanks!
  6. I need to re-spring my 2008 TE 510 for a 220lb rider. Race tech does not make springs for my bike, so where is the best place to get springs? Thanks Gerald
  7. gerald28

    2008 TE510 Shark Fin

    I am looking for a shark fin guard for my 2008 TE 510 and don't seem to find one for my model. Has anyone found one? Thanks Gerald
  8. gerald28

    bib mousse sizing

    Hey all, I am trying bib mousse for the first time (likely front & rear), on my 2008 Husky TE510. I have heard the sizing it different if you don't use Michelin tires. My rear tire is 120/100/18 (Kenda k760). My 18 inch options for bib mousse are: 120/90-18 140/80-18 140/90-18 I was assuming the 120/90 (thinking it would just feel a little soft), but someone told me Michelin 140 is like Japanese 120 (Kenda is TW). What would you use? My front is the stock Michelin, so I will likely go exact size on it. Thanks for your help! Gerald
  9. gerald28

    bib mousse sizing

    Thanks for the info! So for my 120/100/18 Kenda (Taiwan) tire, which bib mousse size would you recommend for Enduro and light desert. Is the 120 going to be too small? If so, would you use the 140/90? since that is the closest height? My 18 inch options for bib mousse are: 120/90-18 140/80-18 140/90-18 Thanks! Gerald
  10. gerald28

    bib mousse sizing

    Sorry, typo. I meant 120/90/18. I was asking if the lower height 90 vs 80 would make a different. I should have been more specific. Thanks!
  11. Hey all, I am trying bib mousse for the first time, on my 2008 Husky TE510. My rear tire is 120/100/18 (Kenda k760) and the closest bib is 120/90/19 The front is the exact size. How close does it have to be? Will this size difference be an issue? Will it make it feel too soft? Thanks Gerald
  12. gerald28

    Headshake on 2008 TE 510 on Freeway

    What about adding a steering dampner?
  13. Hey gang, Last week I broke down, got a loan, and ordered the SideWinder Titanium Ti-Moly 2 sprockets (both) and their SmartRing chain for my 06 YZ450F. I open the box and the first thing I noticed is "holy cr@p, they are heavy". So my question is, are they much heavier than anything else...or is it just me? I am running a stock chain and cheap alluminum sprockets (tag, renthal, etc). I ride moto (30+ C) and woods (WORCS style, 30+ C). I do not like the idea of adding so much unsprung weight. I plan to take the sprocket and chain to my office and use the scale in the mail room to see the difference. Am I making too much a deal of the weight issue? Do they weight the same as IronMan or other longer lasting sprockets? What about the chain, it sure seam big. I am going to put a micrometer on it to check the width. Any suggestions or opions would be great. I want to decide soon, so I can send it back if need be. Regards, Gerald
  14. gerald28

    Unequal Pitch Shock Springs

    Thanks for the great reply!
  15. Hello, The stock spring on my 06 YZ450 is the equal pitch spring. But they offer an unequal pitch spring that is softer at the beginning of the stroke and hardder at the end. I believe this is also called a variable rate spring. My first reaction is this sounds like a good idea. Are these springs popular/better? Is it better for enduro riding than MX since it soft at the beginning? Thanks Gerald San Antonio, TX