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    any thing to do with speed and motors.
  1. DRz40s

    Why are all Audi so damn cheap

    I always kinda figuar,$ 1000 should take me 3 months down the road.A new car will cost you at least $300 a month. So if you buy a beater for a couple Benji's and it runs for more than you expected, you come out opn top. Best thing is any safe car cheap! Ford sux dodge sux chrysler sux they are made to brake, ask any UAW member. Stick with the Jap crap!
  2. DRz40s

    dazed and confused

    I need the can between the air box and the juggy. Pretty sure its called the air/oil seperator.Right side just above mid-pipe
  3. DRz40s

    she's a duner who woulda thought!

    dam makes me want to move out west. only sand on the right side of the country, youcant ride on
  4. DRz40s

    dazed and confused

    :banghead:I have been trying to find the oil/air seperator in the parts store but cant find it to save my soul. Dose anyone know what the part number or correct Key Word to use to find it? 04 DRZ 400:banghead:
  5. DRz40s

    Runaway cars and DRZs don't mix

    y dont insurance comps give u what u got n2 ur bike? bud iv got some bad news 4 u......................jus like a honda. cars r jelous. and honda dont make a REAL DUAL since the XL350.
  6. DRz40s

    DRZ Seat is killing me

    JELSEAT.COM out of VA is a good guy that will jell you up and smooth you out. under most pre-made seats and he dose a quick turn around. if your close by he dose the job then there in front of you so you know your gettin da real deal
  7. DRz40s

    oil return melt down

    i jus got my bike bac frm da shop and am realizin tha the bolt that held my oil return rolled out and dropd onto my pipe melting a small hole that leaks a small amount of oil out onto the pipe. anyone dealt with this befor? dont reallywant to spend more cash, anyone whith a good idea i would be indeted to. thanx from a dual sporter for life @ da ripe ol age of 43. is it posiable to conect all 3 lines together bipassing the jug??????????
  8. DRz40s


    thanks to all da input. cant seem to find my shop manual anywhere around the house, "the ol-lady":worthy: always put'n dream books and bike rags n thrash all da time. it may be found but if anyone has a good schematic on file that u could send or post it would be a life saver$$$$$$$$$$
  9. DRz40s


    I have been a dumb ass all winter. I would fire it(DRZ400S) up to keep the battery happy but its too cold to ride. But I digress, over the weekend i tried to fire her up but would not run un-choked. So i let her run a good while just tooling up and down the street. She finally would go to half choke but was still struggling. i can assume that maybe gas has gotten ugg in the floats but i am slightly unskilled at CARB carbs, is there a EZ fix or do i just drag it to the shop? Its been a long time since i have busted my own knuckles but i will if someone will give me some good step by step instruct.......man i miss 2strokes:excuseme:and yes that little vacume hose is hooked up.
  10. DRz40s

    off season bike renewal

    today 60f im riding
  11. just keep cover on that back break and all will be good. PPP practice patients & persistance
  12. DRz40s

    Winter Do's

    I am getting reddy to replace my bars after a few drops that have made it slightly noticable when riding. The imput that im looking for is what brand to go with and size. I Would like to raise the bar hieght some for "up on the peg grip", witch I do know I could go with risers but I've also considered fat bars that with the mounting parts will also raise the bars. What to do? Do i also change out a new throttle tube along with the grips. And dose anyone make shorty leavers for a S model with a brake foot to activate the brake light? Im sure some one has asked about and learned but public librarys only give you so much time on puters
  13. slow that down a lil you are studderring. But the answer is yes and no and probly i dont know.
  14. DRz40s

    HELP!!! I dropped my helmet!

    Bud i feel your pain I also just scratched my XD up in my own front yard with my head in it, at a gallop. Pretty deep scrates on right side. I should have just hit the baby deer. Anyway Im pretty sure that if you messed up that sweet visor I would not let any body shop touch it! It is so flexable that I dont think they could do it correctly. As for me I was lucky it was mostly a big slide into my stone driveway with the side. I would like to think that this $505 helmet is spose to take some abuse. I didnt pay that much but some have. It is the very best of both worlds and I love mine and hope Arai will still be making them when it is time to replace it. They are a little warm in the summer but it beats eating dust when you are DRZing down dirt roads, or that 65 mph bug giving you FACE:eek: