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  1. My girlfriends son got his bike taken away for a month for riding on the road and we knew he would try to ride it anyway. So I had the bright idea to unhook the coil (on the primary side) to keep it from starting, now the month is over, the coil is hooked back up and it won't start, no spark. My only idea is the CDI box is bad, but wanted to make somewhat sure before buying one, any help would be appreciated.
  2. I also ride my XT 25/75 Street vs Dirt, at first I went with a 16T front sprocket to help with highway riding, but after about 6 months I decided it hindered my trail riding too much, so went back with the stock 15T. As far as the tires, mine are still stock until they wear out, but I have found tire pressure to really make a difference. I run the minimum tire pressure listed or a little less for dirt and max for street, if I have to do both on the same trip, then somewhere in the middle or a little higher.
  3. If you don't mind, what is a good price on the leftover 225's, I'd like to have one, but my local dealer just quoted a price of $4125 out the door, thought they might do better than that.
  4. A Gateway tower to work on for a friend is the goofiest cargo I've carried, but I've thought a Blow Up Doll would look pretty cool !!!!
  5. On the schematic, the diode looks external of the switch, but it is built in you should probably add one in line if you jumper the switch connections, like a 3A 1N5402 Radio Shack part 276-1143. But a better way to do it would be removing the side stand relay and jumper it there, that way you wouldn't ever have to worry about the relay contacts letting you down and the wasted current of the relay always being energized.
  6. Pretty easy to install, just pulled the seat and tank to route wires along existing harness, then just a 3 wire hookup, hot/backlight, ground, and coil, haven't had a chance to work with 5500 problem yet.
  7. For $4000, I can set you up with a better than new one !!!! DR650
  8. I installed the Jr. Dragster tach last week, looks good, modified tach bracket and painted flat black to match bars. Just one problem, the tach goes nuts at 5500 RPM, then drops to 0, seems like I had a problem like this once on a car tach with MSD ignition and I had to add a choke or something to signal wire, have to experiment some more.
  9. Well, I love my 06 DR650, but after more street riding than I originally thought, I'm buying a 1200R Sportster, still want a dual purpose bike, but would like something smaller, lighter and more nimble for trail riding, something in the 225 to 350 category. I'm open to all brands, any suggestions for a more trail oriented bike that is street legal to get to the trails ?? Thanks.
  10. My DR650 is like a whole different bike after sprocket, jetting, slide mod, air box mod and K&N filter. A friend rode it last weekend that had ridden it when I first bought it and he was blown away by the difference !! Just wish the gas mileage hadn't taken such a hit.
  11. Mine bothers me when wearing shorts in stop and go traffic, otherwise, I don't notice it.
  12. Great idea, just ordered one from Summit, should be a lot better than the slow updating digital tach's !!!
  13. I paid $47** something for mine at my next to nearest dealer, the closest dealer wouldn't budge off sticker price.
  14. How do you personally compare the noise level versus the stock muffler, say at idle, cruising speed and WOT. Just curious because I've been thinking about ordering one, but don't want a lot of noise. Thanks.
  15. I had the same problem, had to slightly oversize the holes in the retaining plate, can't remember what bit I used, but it didn't take much for all 3 bolts to go in fine.