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  1. Trench digger

    Red hot header

    Thanks again for the ridding suggestion. I will certainly consider riding in your area this summer! I will let you know if we get there.
  2. Trench digger

    Red hot header

    Yes, riding in Quebec on two wheels is a bit tricky. The land is mostly public (part of it is private) but the government didn't want to maintain the trails so they mandate the quads associations to do it for them. They also gave them the right to limit the trails access for quads only. They claim we are going too fast and disturb the neighborhood. To some extend I agree with them, some of us are ridding without any respect for others (as usual, the good people pays for few bad guys!) This is getting pretty serious in my area, they patrol the trails and will not hesitate to call the police if they catch you. My WR is street legal and the only reason for it is to step out of the trails if an hostile quad is after me! Thanks for the ridding suggestion, it look interesting. Is it possible to ride these trails outside this event? By the way, I fully support the 96 Db rule!
  3. Trench digger

    Red hot header

    I am new to thumpertalk and never taught of doing a search for red hot header! I wish I did it before posting this thread! Pretty much every thing has been said! Next time I will search a little more...
  4. Trench digger

    Red hot header

    I'm in Granby area (1 hour east of Montreal). Never rode in your area! How is it? Here it is not easy all the trails are for quads only, we have to ride further north (or buy a quad!). Thanks for the answer, this is the first time I notice my header turning red hot like that. My fuel mixture may be a little lean with the cold air.
  5. Trench digger

    Red hot header

    Yesterday, I've started my WR400 for the first time in a month, it was about 30 degree Fahrenheit outside (I live in Canada!) after 2-3 minutes at idle the header turned red hot. I switched off the engine immediately. I taught it could be an air flow restriction problem at the exhaust pipe. Does anyone know how to check an exhaust pipe the air flow? Mine looks OK but how can I know for sure? Could my problem be related to the fuel mixture? or something else? Thank you,