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  1. dreid32

    TM Designworks chain guide

    Why would you replace the brand new stock chain slider? Shouldn't you use it until it is worn out? This seems like a waste of $200. I have a 2012 and found that the stock slider lasted about 50 hrs. I then purchased a TMD and used it for a while but found it to be too noisy. I have since replaced it with a 2013 stock, harder option. Are you interested in selling you new stock setup? I have a friend that wil buy it?
  2. dreid32


    Dump the air forks. They do not work for heavier riders.
  3. I don't respond to many, but the call for a REAL Engineer caught my interest. I am an Engineering Manager at an Automotive OEM with over 20 years in the Science Labs and Product Development. Follow the simple basics spelled out by the posting above by mystery. Address the root cause of your cooling problem. Chasing very small improvements that can be made with coatings is not the answer. It would be wasteful. I don't want to be disrespectful, but reading thru this topic it seems like some people feel the need to wiki search every question and then add their "expert" opinion. The title asked for REAL Engineers, which I assume meant Bachelor of Applied Science degree and professional work experience as an Engineer. Anyway, good luck with your issue. Hope my 2 cents helps you in your decision.
  4. I like the oneil vented gear. The best quality gear on the market, will last a long time.
  5. I have been racing for over 20 years. I have been messing around with my 2010 yz450 for 6 months trying to get it right. Finally I tried the Ohlins fork and shock and I have to say this is the best it has ever been. I have finally gotten this bike the way I want it. The suspension is soooo plush its unbelievable. I really like the shock also, the bike is really calm.
  6. Does anyone know what the "weak points" on the bike Larry is referring too?
  7. dreid32

    2010 YZ450F Springs

    Does anyone have any ideas why there are so many different opinions on how to set up the 2010 YZ450? I heard Larry Brook's interview on pulpmx and he said the bike has some issues that they have corrected, I'm assuming it was chassis/suspension. My last 20 mx bikes were allot easier than this machine. Has anyone tried Pro Circuit?
  8. dreid32

    2010 YZ450F Springs

    Thanks for all the great input, especially from the heavyweight tall guys, I'm 6'4 220. Keep it coming, I'm going to send my suspension in somewhere, not sure where yet. I'm going to be off 6 months due to ACL reconstruction. Any recommendations?
  9. dreid32

    2010 YZ450 cams?

    I have the gytr ported cylinder head which comes with the gytr camshafts and i also bought the gytr high comp piston. Unfortuneatly I need reconstructive knee surgery from a crash that happened a couple days before the parts arrived. I wish I could have tried it out!
  10. dreid32

    GYTR Head and High Compression Piston

    Forgot to add, I'm interested in the modifications to a 2010 yz450f
  11. Has anyone tried the GYTR Head assembly and high compression piston. I'm anticipating responses of how much better "local tuner" ported head is, but I'm really looking for information on anyone that has actually installed and raced this set up.
  12. dreid32

    2010 YZ450F Springs

    I'm not sure how you can say the 6.3 rear spring rate way too high for me? I felt it was good and I'm the one that was riding it. I'm tall and thought it worked pretty good. Free sag is around 30mm, with a race sag of ~105mm. I think I'm going to decrease the sag next time out. Every rider is different, and in my opinion this spring rate was good for me as a starting point. I may try a 6.1 also and see how that goes before I start playing around with the valving. The stock valving I found was pretty good even with the heavier springs. The bike works fine and I'm confident in racing it as it stands.
  13. dreid32

    2010 YZ450F Springs

    I installed and tried the 6.3 rear spring and .50 front springs with 340cc oil. I thought everything was pretty good. Sag was set around 110mm. My only complaint was that the bike did not want to turn as good as I thought it should. Other that this set up seems like a good starting point for me as far as spring rate goes.
  14. dreid32

    2010 YZ450F Springs

    You guys are confusing me. I'll let you know how the .50 and 6.3 goes on the weekend. I do know for a fact that the 5.7 stock spring is not enough to get the sag set correctly.
  15. dreid32

    2010 YZ450F Springs

    Just bought a 2010 yz450f. I'm a 230lb vet expert, mx only racer. I rode it once and thought it was good, but I need to change the springs for my weight and height (6'3"). I'm thinking of going with 0.5 for the front fork springs and a 6.3 on the rear. The yamaha manual does not even list springs this high. I will revalve it after testing with the proper springs. Anyone have any experience with this setup and what did you do for your revalve. I'm an automotive engineer with a chassis background, so a good starting point will help me out greatly.