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  1. BPH

    2009 WR450F review and experience

    I'm the new owner of a 2009 wr450 and my wife a 2009 wr250. For the regular rider, these bikes kick ass. I've owned other 450s and 250s and 2 strokes and even a DRZ. The WR is way better in my opinion. Power, light, comfortable, reliable. I love it.
  2. That works for me! I don't mind how it looks! Or the .5 pounds it will save me (i'll just eat one less cheese burger!!!) Thanks!
  3. I have read that in California (where Im at) they check for these randomly at different riding spots..... My questions is, Is it possiable to just plug the hoses so it just doesn't function but passes visibly??
  4. I got the Dynojet kit and a GYTR fmf pipe for cheap on ebay. Do I need to get the removal / block off kit for the AIS???? Is the only con just "popping" on deceleration?
  5. Does anyone sell a full kit??? I bought a blue kit from ufo.... ya that lasted about 6 months.... all the plastic is all spiderweb cracked and faded:banghead:
  6. BPH

    anyone wanna trade?

    my stock S wheels + cash for your SM wheels ? i tried searching in the classified ads but my internet wouldnt load it for some reason.
  7. Is there a white plastic kit anywhere? Or do you have to just piece it together from different shops?
  8. BPH

    Will E wheels fit an S model?

    Yes they fit just like original, ive got E wheels on my SM.
  9. BPH

    TTR230 replacement - DR-Z400S

    you will be much happier with the drz. Even in stock form with knobbies. my girls got a ttr-230. no offence but its a piece of junk. feels like its going to tip over, no power, no suspension travel:crazy:
  10. BPH

    Clarke Tank Problem

    +2:thumbsup: worked on my bike
  11. BPH

    New Socal Sm Ride!!!north Meets South

    Im down i live near burbank.
  12. BPH

    Wheel Swap Questions

  13. BPH

    Wheel Swap Questions

    just swap axles and rotors and spacers and ride that what i did. the speedo does read off though, but i dont care.... less miles on the drz that way!!
  14. BPH

    Clarke tanks and Poor finish

    i bought a black clarke tank through thumpertalk and it looked used. Im not blaming tumpertalk in anyway!! It's just a cheaper tank in my opnion compared to an ims or acrebis
  15. BPH

    drz400e California plates ??

    no thats how it use to be. after 2003, you can not dual sport anything. its a stupid law, i tried to get by it too. theres some place in arizona that you can pay to dual sport your bike, they register it there, put an odometer w/ 8500 miles like someone else said above, then transfer it to california. if you bring the bike here and try to change the title and it has less than 7500 miles, then it can never be plated in cali again. its stupid. Also, a bunch of people that plated bikes after 2003 are being called into the dmv to be inspected, and they are pulling plates left and right.