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  1. On a GM you can open the glove box and there will be a list of options on a sticker, Z71 would be listed.
  2. jketron

    YZ250F 2008 poor drivability

    Im at sea level for the most part and this bike has yet to see the dirt so the little bit of gas that was in it must not have been fresh, I drained it all and added some nice new gas and took it around the block a few times runs like a champ
  3. jketron

    525 EXC suspension upgrades

    Nice RG3 is in So Cal...
  4. jketron

    525 EXC suspension upgrades

    I seem to recall there was someone that was reputable in So Cal. Anyone recall them? I'll look up RG3 too
  5. jketron

    Switch away from the YZ250F

    The bike starts fine and again this particular bike has yet to be out for a ride. I would like the piece of mind of knowing I don't have to keep an eye on her at ever turn thinking she killed it or is killed on the side of a hill somewhere. She loves to ride but for some reason struggles with starting it.
  6. I bought my wife a new 08 YZ250F and she never rode it based on things always came up and now that we are ready to get back into it again I would really like to get her into a different bike that has electric start. I don't want to follow her around and have to worry about having to restart it for her. For some reason or another she just can't seem to start it. Like magic I get on it and it starts....... since we never got to even take this bike out I'd like to ask you guy what you think of the electric start versions and I'm personally a KTM guy so the 250 XC-W has my attention.
  7. I have an 07 EXC and I'd like to have the suspension gone over and adjusted for me. I have always heard that it makes all the difference. Is this the case and do I have them redo mine or buy a new set?
  8. I want to buy a KTM 50 SX Junior 2009 and the MSRP is 3698, what's the best price you have seen for these?
  9. I took off my stock 07 EXC pipe and replaced it with a FMF Q4, Is there any reasonable market value in a used muffler un damaged? if so what do you think ? I'd hate to put in up for sale at something too low so I give it away versus over pricing it and it not selling. I'd love to hear your thoughts?
  10. I bought this bike for my wife and I need to lower it. Anyone know of a lowering seat?
  11. I need a lower seat than stock for my wife, what are you are giys doing to lower the bike or ideas to lower it? I am considering the lowering link and the a seat if I can find one for now. suggestions?
  12. jketron

    What gear to ride it daily

    this goes for having the supermoto tires on right and driving on the street daily?
  13. jketron

    What gear to ride it daily

    I have a 07 EXC525 and I want to put the 17 inch tires on it. I currently ride with 15/48, can I use this same setup for the 17's or what would you recommend for the same feel?
  14. who makes those foot pegs that rotate a few degrees for when you are sitting?