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  1. Purchased an 09 300 XCW. Unbelievable. I rode an 08 XC and loved it but we ride tight stuff here and I prefer the XCW's suspension and ability to stay in a lower gear longer. Coming off of a 450X, dug the power but not the weight and the end of the day. XC and XCW are not that different. Both rip. You need to decide what kid of riding you are going to be doing and just as important how you like to ride. Good luck.
  2. Hey Jeff, Nice job with the 300. I think you have just about done everything you can to it. Time to ride!!!
  3. Jeff, how is that EE seat working for you?
  4. Anyone know of the company that makes the aftermarket rads for the 300?
  5. I lowered my pegs about an inch with the Fastway pegs. This helped. I am also 6' and felt the 450X was cramped and a little short. BRP and Protaper EVO Reed bars fixed the other side and now riding comfortably.
  6. BRP 22 Triple Clamp, Scotts Stabilizer, Pro Taper EVO. I love this setup. I can tell you that the stabilizer makes a big difference. I notice when I ride a bike w/o one. I also notice that I am less fatigue at the end of that day. One of the best mods you can do to your bike that will improve YOUR performance.
  7. I have the Powerbomb and Q4. No gasket or clamp. Good idea to use high-temp silicone but thats it.
  8. As an aside...if you do get a minor leak ther is a cool tool called a Seal Mate from Motion Pro Tools. Runs around $5.00. Works like a charm.
  9. Does the Durelle seat come as a complete seat or just pad and cover?
  10. I use the BRP 22mm, Scotts Stabilizer sub-mount, and Protapers. I have an 06 450X and the difference, for me, is significant. In Louisiana we have a lot of sand and roots and in addition to improving handling it increases the comfort factor as well. Highly recommend it.
  11. Bought a new 06 mid-year with immediate starter issues. Never really worked properly. Tried new batteries only to finally bring it to the local Honda shop. (Not where I purchased it) After much investigation the starter wiring was determined to be bad. After the starter was replaced the bike has worked fine. I was able to get Honda to reimburse me for the parts!!! My friend bought a 450X from the same dealer at the same time I did. He is now experiencing the same issues.
  12. Looks like the only setup I found to lower pegs and keep the same allignment (forward/backward) of the pegs and have the use of a kickstand is Pro Moto Billet. Fastway pegs, Lowboy mounts and Kickit kickstand. A little on the expensive side.
  13. Anyone out there have any luck with lowering their pegs? STR makes a kit but the left side eleminates the kickstand because the STR bracket dosent support the kickstand mount. Any help would be appreciated!
  14. Just purchased an 06 450X for $5383 from Southern Honda Powersports in Chatanooga, TN. Also was able to purchase a 2 year warranty for around $500. Best deal I could find.
  15. www.hondaparts-direct.com