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  1. Rode it this weekend and yes I am going to keep it now. Pulled strong up all the hills and started a lot easier. Here is the internet beer for ThrottleJocky
  2. UPDATE: I finally took the pilot jet out and it was plugged. I took a piece of wire and cleaned it out. I put fresh gas and a new plug and it fired right up. It runs like it did when it was new. Thanks for the suggestion ThrottleJockey, worked great!!! Now I'm still thinking about selling it for a new mountian bike, but have not made up my mind. May go for a ride soon and that should make up my mind.
  3. 2 minutes, thats what I call service. Thanks, thats what I was thinking as well.
  4. I have a very low hour, super clean 250x that is all stock, no damage. I rode it and maintained it per the manual but of course it would not start or idle after a while. I am guessing it is the valves, but unsure becasue I dont have the time to take it in and deal with it, (Kids/Military/Work). I have been thinking of getting rid of it and was wondering what a fair price would be? Im in California and it has a current green sticker. Any imput would be great.