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  1. JohnnyT

    Who's Sag Setting?

    Thanks guys. I'm running about 2.7 inch of sag now and don't see any problem. I'll lower the seat height (add more sag) a little at a time to see how things work out.
  2. JohnnyT

    Who's Sag Setting?

    Say Bryan, I've got a 98 DR-350s with a #3 Kouba link on the rear suspension. The Koubal instructions say to set the rider sag at 2.5" inches (64mm). The 'Set your Sag' page on TT said to set rider sag at 90-100mm. I could go one of three ways, a. 90-100mm b. 2.5 inch (64mm) c. split the difference (75mm). At 5'6" and 155 lbs., I'd like to keep the bike as low as possible, but don't want it to bottom out on trial rides. What do ya think? Anybody?
  3. JohnnyT

    Anyone from Las Cruces NM or El Paso TX?

    JJC, New Mexico has it all, except the ocean, but it's got lakes. And the good thing is it's all just a short distance away. You should take a trip out here and check it out.
  4. JohnnyT

    Anyone from Las Cruces NM or El Paso TX?

    Dude!! What type of riding are you thinking about? Dirt or street.