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  1. LB1

    coolent leak

    The new 07 Y will fit the 06. I haven't been able to get the new part number yet. As soon as you get a chance BUY IT!
  2. LB1

    coolent leak

    More than likely it is coming from above at the plastic Y pipe in the cooling lines. If your lucky the clamp is loose. If you have a pinhole leak in the plastic Y piece, well then you headed for trouble. If the hole is in the plastic piece then you need to clean your entire cooling system out because you have melted the plastic and its circulating and wrapping up in your impeller. Of course this can snowball into major failure.
  3. LB1

    how do u find the 2006 kx250f's for taller riders?

    I'll see what I can come up with. The KX is currently apart. My clamps are at Emig racing right now. Send me a PM in a week or 2 to remind me you want a pick. LB
  4. LB1

    87 Xr250, fork reinstall question

    The wheel and the axle will center itself. Put it back the same way it came apart
  5. LB1

    radiator cap

    Unless the radiator was just topped off you should only have a small trickle, initially then it should stop. If you bike is overflowing at "idle" in 3 minutes, then you should probably turn your idle down. My 250f overheated in a race once in 2002 in a tight, slow, rocky section. I replaced the cap on every 250f I've had since then(03, 04, 05). Never overheated again.
  6. LB1

    I need a bike!!!

    Thats easy, any 250F. Learn to ride that bike and then go for the 450 in a couple of years. You might be able to ride the 450 but the 250 will be much more enjoyable and you'll become a better rider sooner.
  7. LB1

    87 Xr250, fork reinstall question

    Take a measurement from the top of the triple clamp to the top of the fork tube when you install the forks. Take the same measurement on both sides and adjust to make sure the are even on both sides. I can't tell you the exact measurement but is probably around 8mm.
  8. LB1

    radiator cap

    A higher pressure cap may fix the problem but your bike shouldn't be over heating in 3 minutes. Sounds like your running lean. Check and see what color your plug is and also pressure check your cap like Grayracer said. You want to make sure you don't have some sort of gasket problem. Bring your cap to a Kawasaki dealer. There is a kawi that has the same cap but is rated 1.6. A decent parts guy should be able to order you one.
  9. LB1

    how do u find the 2006 kx250f's for taller riders?

    Jordan, I'm 6' 1" and find my 06kxf a little cramped also. Along with every other bike out there. I run Renthal fat bars, CR high bend with Emig handle bar mounts in the forward position with a 2 inch rise. This puts the bars up and in position where you are not leaning over to meet the bars, the bars are up and ready to meet you. This will put your body in a more up right position with your elbows up and ready to ride. It will also allow you to go into turns and get low enough with your leg out and not have the bottom of the bars banging your knees. Next time your at the races take a look at some of the pro riders bikes that are 5' 9" and over. In most cases you will see either high bars, high mounts or both. Check out Emig racing on the web. They have 3 different handle bar risers available along with the option to put the bars in the forward or back position. They only have the bar mounts right now but I know they are currently working on complete upper and lower triple clamps and steering stems. Paige Emig would be glad to help you out. Hope this helps. LB