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    SixSixOne Gear...Reviews?

    just ordered the flight 2 legend helmet in large. of course i couldnt find 1 at the biggest gear place out here so i fitted on a few brands. i was orig lookin at the one trooper and the large fit me great. better than tld, fox, thor, hjc. my fitted hats are like 7 1/2 so we'll see. my large thor quadrant got jacked (so pissed), but i thought it fit well until i tried the large trooper and that was the best fit for me out of all i tried. 'supposedly,' the flight is comparable to fitting with a troop in size, but ill find out soon. couldnt find one with extra visor and ive been searchin online for a few hours for one no luck. hope any of that helps, i've been pissed trying to find a review that i can relate to so hope this helps.