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    Riding my CRF when I can, blasting around on my SeaDoo 3D when it ain't snowing (AGAIN!!!), looking forward to my next vacation, via a cruise ship.

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  1. MN_Kevin

    sandbox tragedy?

    WOW...!!! That is tough. I had been thinking of going after my 4 year hiatus. This is when reality strikes again. So sad for him and his family.
  2. I have been following Dr. Kevin Stone since I underwent my first of many knee scopes starting in 1997, with more and more cartilage cutout of both knees. I just received this this morning, and it DEFINITELY warrants further investigation. http://bioknee.com/ Any of you guys know anything about this? Kevin
  3. If any of these guys are still around....... see ya Kevin Lysdahl, Mike Morin, Mike Carpenter, Clark Mason, James Dean and Bryan Hulse who started TT. Mahalo and Aloha Bill Awww Bill, this REALLY blows. I am truly sorry, my friend, of the crummy hand you have been dealt. It is tough hanging up your leathers (oh yea...they are lightweight, ballistic nylon, or whatever...). Bill, last year I acquired a Sea Doo 3D. If you remember, we saw one on display at the Unadilla Pro MX in 200?. I will say this jet ski, though not replacing my CRF, IS A BLAST to ride. It gives me three optional riding postions: stand-up like my old Kawasaki SX650 (though MUCH more stable), a motocross style seat (which locks the steering column), and the Kart seat, which has the rider sitting on the deck, kind of cruiser-style. Maybe a jet ski can still give you thrills, with much less body abuse than riding your YZF…??? It is a thought !!! Take Care Bill !!! _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I have not heard from or seen ANYONE from our early days of TT. Remember when our membership hit 100? And for you guys that ever wonder WHY or HOW TT was started: When Yamaha released the 1999 (or was it 98?) WR400, NOBODY understood the carb. Yamaha took the YZ carb, stuck an octopus of hoses on it, the throttle stop, gray and blue wires, and essentially left us wondering why the WR didn't pull like a YZF. Bryan Hulse, with support from Jake and others in the Denver area, started this website looking for help. James Dean, along with Taffy from England and Clark, took on the task of playing with needles and jetting. James Dean used his knowledge and resources and now makes custom needles for many 4 strokes. James has expanded into fuel injection. In 2001, we had our first TT Ride. A group of 50 of us, I believe, met in Moab, Utah, and rode for 5 days. If you have never been to Moab, it IS like riding on the moon. That slickrock is very cool to ride on. A lot has changed over the last 13 years of TT.
  4. MN_Kevin

    Ride day at new track in belle plaine mn

    what the heck is this "Zone 33"?
  5. MN_Kevin

    Crooked MX - Open To Public!

    Good to know. Danke Schoen !!!
  6. MN_Kevin

    Minnesota AMA D23 2012 MX number application

    I don't know if any of you guys have found out / are effected, but Internet Explorer 9 does NOT work on my home PC trying to access ARMCA. I tried Firefox which DOES work. I removed I.E. 9 for the 5th (?) time as it did not work w/ my college website either. No longer a problem w/ I.E. 8.
  7. I saw this last night after being notified Nickleback was coming to town. Anyone else as surprised as I, as this (is) the first itme I knew about it (?) I bought two tickets for Patty & myself.
  8. http://www.armca.org...Application.pdf The D23 webisite (ARMCA) is presently under upgrade (January 15, 2012) and is under bare-bones operation. http://armca.org/ 2012_D23_ARMCA_Application.pdf
  9. MN_Kevin

    Meadow valley 10-15

    I second that notion...!!!
  10. MN_Kevin

    Snowing yet...???

    NRG was very good to me. I wanted to get to South Texas Project, or OPS Manager at a conventional plant. I was on ABSOLUTE PERMANENT midnight maintenance, Mon night thru Sat morning, 8 hr shifts. It seemed like all I did last summer was work. I much prefer 12 hr shifts. I work 50% days of the year, instead of 80% days. Of course the days I work give zero free time, but I have MANY more full days off. I believe I have 7 - 12 hr nights per 42 day stretch (?) One stretch in my schedule has 7 days off in a row. I have NEVER worked this schedule, but have heard of it. I am In-Like-Flint at Prairie Island, starting third week now.
  11. MN_Kevin

    Snowing yet...???

    Hey Matt, As of right now (09/09/11, 3:07pm) Prairie Island wants me to quit my job, THEN get a fire-fighter physical fitness exam sometime next week, during in-processing. I replied that, since it is a prerequisite for SUSTAINED employment, I would like to PASS the physical PRIOR to departing NRG Energy. They "don't do it that way..." I asked HR to bounce it off of OPS Manager this morning. So far, el-zippo on response...
  12. MN_Kevin

    Snowing yet...???

    I was / am hoping to get into the new Westinghouse AP1000 reactors (Reactor Operator) at Vogtle 3/4 (Georgia). A fellow shipmate is employed there while they BUILD THE FRICKIN' PLACE !!!
  13. MN_Kevin

    Minnesota Snowing yet...???

    Let's see, last week we were in the mid 90's, and recently a low in the (upper) 40's... Last year, snow started falling in October, and left in May. Does the Farmers Almanac give yet ANOTHER reason to blow this popsicle stand and head SOUTH, where (I) can ride until late November, then fire off my V-Strom in early March...??? (CRF can be ridden indoors in a heated [aside from inhaling carbon monoxide] bldg).
  14. MN_Kevin

    Eight weeks of vacation, Baby...!!!

    Scratch 1 - watching Southwick Nat'l 2 - Altima spindle / rear hub replacement...
  15. Well kinda-sorta...not really... Because Xcel Energy is in the process of a background investigation on me [for employment @ Prairie Island Nuke], and my present employer is (painfully?) aware of it, I am opting out of signing up for next class at Excelsior College. So, I have 8 weeks before next semester starts (classes are 8 or 16 weeks long). (As of now, employer is picking up tab $$$ although I am STILL paying off First Semester of $3500.00). I wrapped up my Vietnam History class final exam last night at 10:15pm... If any of you want to REALLY know about this war, The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990 - Gettleman/Franklin/Young and Vietnam & America - Young, Marilyn are two of the books we used. The class really OPENED UP MY EYES, instead of listening to the political propoganda B/S that dominates this war. Bottom line is the Vietnamese are happier now than they have ever been (there have been times that they had their independence, but some country always seems to want to invade them [Mongolia, China, Japan, France, USA] ). So, for the next eight weeks, I need to: Ride my jet-ski ride my CRF w/ Matt assemble my WR FINALLY, and sell it hopefully assemble my TV / entertainment center stand replace the rear spindle assembly on Altima troubleshoot Son's desktop PC (mainboard / hardware issues) possibly relocate to Redwing area for Xcel Energy and Prairie Island Nuclear Power Plant (~ 2 weeks from today) And continue to work 10:30pm to 7am Monday night thru Saturday morning (which makes EVERYTHING difficult - I am NOT a permanent 8hr nightshift person...) I am starting out my morning watching Southwick 450 (fell asleep last night trying to watch it on DVR) and having my second cup of morning elixir-of-life [coffee]