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  1. Fossil

    Jlaw...again dude?

    Well, u see where J-Law finished compared to Dungey....that guy is all show (mouth) and no go...thought after I saw that interview after he got out of jail that he'd made some changes...I thought wrong!!!! That type of drama is not good for the sport.
  2. Fossil

    Bottom end YZ 125

    The connecting rod is seemingly ok but the kick start is solid and will not move at all -so I'm wondering if the bottom end is grenaded! I hope not...
  3. Fossil

    Bottom end YZ 125

    Tore into the top end of my 03 YZ 125 and things look good but the bottom is still tight and the piston will not rotate. Did I smoke the tranny or is the crank and bearing gone? Any insight would be very helpful!
  4. My son was riding his Yz 125 and the motor just died - he restarted it and it really rev'ed up and died again. Then he tried to restart it and the kick start was locked up! Are we looking at a new motor or is there anything else goin on??
  5. Fossil

    Post here if you live in WA. guy's and gals....

    Kingston, just north of Poulsbo Eric 02 yz 125 05 wr 250
  6. Fossil

    electric start

    Don't go to Walmart - I'll send you the money for a new battery before I see any one go to that scabby store!!!!
  7. Fossil

    Burnout Clip

    That's o.k When you get yourself all rashed up after biting it... See ya in church!!!
  8. Nate ate 'em up tonight. Villopoto will get him next week!!
  9. Reedy must have gone down in the goo of San Fran - yeah I'm crying!!
  10. I told you that Ryan Villapoto would win - he won his heat!! Bring on the final!!
  11. Alessi is the biggest jerk around when it comes to personality. My vote will definitely not go to either one of the Alessi bros.!!!!
  12. Ryan's an up and coming talent. He'll have to ride all out to beat the vets!!