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  1. dhickeymotocross

    burning oil

    I need to add to this. My sons practice bike all the sudden started dropping oil level. He has been riding it pretty hard for the last couple weeks. No smoke. No lack of power. The only thing I can see is that the oil breather tube is wet and his rear wheel is attracting dust more like a oil film??. Has 3-4hrs on new piston and rings. It was normal for the 06 Honda 250f to due this. But first time for the Kawi.
  2. dhickeymotocross

    Need Athena Piston Kit YZ144 05-07

    Any body have a buddy at local bike shops with this kinda inventory. i will pay retail at this point
  3. dhickeymotocross

    Need Athena Piston Kit YZ144 05-07

    Any I ideas for locating a piston kit?
  4. dhickeymotocross

    Need Athena Piston Kit YZ144 05-07

    I did not go with the gorr kit becasue I wanted my son to be able to have both. Under current AMA rules you must run a 125cc in the youth 12-15. So i wanted to keep a stock bore cylinder. I have had a gorr kit before of my own with great luck. I am happy with this kit. Its ported and case matched. It will pull with 250fs no problem once set up right. We had the timing advanced to much and knocked the tip off the plug ruined a piston. So just need to find the right piston. Weisco pistons will not work for this application. Thanks for the replies
  5. dhickeymotocross

    Need Athena Piston Kit YZ144 05-07

    I have had one on order with mail order company that i bought the kit from. They said that right now the have a waiting list with no ETA. Does anyone have or know a good source for the top end kit. Bike has been down for weeks now.
  6. dhickeymotocross

    Fox Shox problems

    Well the shock is heading back to fox for the second time. 7yr old is bumbed. Is anyone having good luck with these things. I have the air set at 125psi he he weights 75lbs. and likes to jump. Come on he is only 7 how much punishment can a 7yr old dish out. I am thinking about going to a I-shock, but the whole reason I bought the Fox is because it is more adjustable for his weight. Need advise.
  7. dhickeymotocross

    Timing chain question-no violence please

    Ok, I just bought a used 05 RM-z450. I took it home and started thinking "man this engine sure is noisy compared to my sons crf250" So I started taking it apart. Pulled the tappet (valve cover) and there must have been one inch of play in the chain between the cams. Not having a shop manual but being somewhat mech. challenged I loosen the adjusted nut and lock screw for adjusted thinking the chain would snap back into place. Then BOOM nothing happened. So I removed the adjuster. I think my adjusted is bad? There does not seem to be enough spring tension to push the guide into the chain via making it tighter. Do I have a bad adjuster or am I just that stupid? (easy with that comment). I ordered a new adjusted. It is not here yet, but am I on the right track? I'm pretty sure this thing has never been adjusted. Because I asked the old owner and he said it was a auto adjuster What the &*#@ P.S. what differance does it make if it is on TDC are the gears no all round? Dumb question I,m sure, but I gotta ask.
  8. dhickeymotocross

    250 SXF exhaust, what to do?

    Thank you. I will post our dyno #s after the exhaust comes in.
  9. dhickeymotocross

    250 SXF exhaust, what to do?

    4hp. Do you know anyone or anywhere that has posted a dyno chart for mods to the 250sxf? I bought the 250sxf based on hp. I did not want to by a jap bike and spend a grand to get it where the katoom is stock. But I would spend a grand and to make it pull 2 smoke 250s. In the upcoming month I am going to install the 4.1 and dyno it on vp u4 fuel. I have heard (but not seen it in writing) that this comb will be 41hp. It still must be legal in the 125b and school boy classes.
  10. dhickeymotocross

    White Plastic?

    I have some. New in the box w/monster MX Des Nations graphics. X-mas gift but sold the bike before I unrapped it. It is UFO plastic. It was for made for TUF racing Sweet!!!!! 316-708-0594