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  1. fat bob 55

    CRF80 Rims on a CRF100

    Hello all, Did I read that the CRF80 rims will bolt right on the 100? I might want to bypass the 80 for my son and go with the 100 with the smaller rims. If anyone did this, how many inches does this drop the 100 seat height? Thanks, Rick
  2. fat bob 55

    KLX 300 valve question

    Bill P. I think you answered the question already. Thanks.
  3. fat bob 55

    KLX 300 valve question

    Hello, Does the KLX 300 have valve problems like the CRF250X etc or is it maintenance free like a DRZ 250? It seems like this might be the king of the non-race bikes with the liquid cooling and "light" weight. I want to trail/woods ride but I also plan on building a motocross track on my property for my kids and I don't want a complete pig, the old man might even get some air, you never know. Thanks for the help. Rick 6'1"/220/Novice
  4. fat bob 55

    Any experience with the DRZ 250 vs CRF 230?

    ...farm implement in a fun color... the best line I've read on this forum ever. A ringing endorsement if I ever heard one. Thanks all.
  5. Hello, Here's the bike for sale: 01 250 DRZ with Acerbis guards Yoshi exhaust hour meter, confirmed 20 hours Pro taper bars He wants $2700 for the bike, the hours are legit, is this an okay deal? Thanks, Rick
  6. Hello all, I'm in the process of outfitting the kids with bikes. A CRF 70 for starters [santa], older son on a CRF 80 this summer, then one for me. The parts guy at the local dealer has a 20 hour DRZ 250 from 2001 with tons of extras. I've decided I want a CRF 230 but this guys gonna sell this to me for 2,500 bucks. Should I be concerned about the weight? Can this go anywhere the 230 can? I'm 6'1/220lbs and I just want to putt around after the kids on trails. I'm a novice. If this sounds like a good idea, let me know. Thanks, I've really enjoyed this forum. Rick