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  1. Never seen blind guys that could ride. Could you post some pix?
  2. Have you tried looking or posting in the classified section, per the board rules? Good luck to ya.
  3. That would be a best case for control, especially a newcomer. As an example, the best rider I have personally known (National #19 TT). Is about 5'1" and never flatfooted any real motorcycle. He rode his Champion framed 750 Yamaha like it was a 125 cc 2 stroke.
  4. Your approach is likely the best method. That way it's about your machine, and riding style. Too many variables to rely on otherwise
  5. An interesting read.
  6. The manual's recomendation has been shown to be proper, time after time. 1.6-2" of slack, in the center of the chain, bike on the sidestand.
  7. Love my Clarke tank and found the folks to be top drawer. I too, got one of the caps that split. I was able to just add the difference in dollars for the alloy unit. Incidental, I installed, and still use the original seal.Purchased mid Summer '06, cap replaced 1-'07
  8. Those plugs are to keep water out during a wash.
  9. it is a rider skill thing.....
  10. Thanks for sharing your "Education". Hope the rest is a downhill glide:applause:
  11. Because they sell more parts this way?
  12. New BMW, but that's the 650
  13. Well, He's getting there. Add a few magnets,six more purchase from JC Whitney, and he will have to off load fuel every evening:applause:
  14. Thanks man.....I was converting hp to kw and flunked math... AGAIN. For anyone that cares I found this: