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  1. Motor-N

    Supertrapp sound...

    Never seen blind guys that could ride. Could you post some pix?
  2. Motor-N

    Anyone take off their S pass pegs?

    Have you tried looking or posting in the classified section, per the board rules? Good luck to ya.
  3. Motor-N

    Feet are not flat on the Ground?

    That would be a best case for control, especially a newcomer. As an example, the best rider I have personally known (National #19 TT). Is about 5'1" and never flatfooted any real motorcycle. He rode his Champion framed 750 Yamaha like it was a 125 cc 2 stroke.
  4. Motor-N

    How many miles on reserve?

    Your approach is likely the best method. That way it's about your machine, and riding style. Too many variables to rely on otherwise
  5. Motor-N

    it was bound to happen ...

    An interesting read. http://home.ama-cycle.org/membersonly/magazine/story_dl.asp?id=729
  6. Motor-N

    Newb Chain slack question

    The manual's recomendation has been shown to be proper, time after time. 1.6-2" of slack, in the center of the chain, bike on the sidestand.
  7. Motor-N

    Do not buy a Clarke Gas tank!

    Love my Clarke tank and found the folks to be top drawer. I too, got one of the caps that split. I was able to just add the difference in dollars for the alloy unit. Incidental, I installed, and still use the original seal.Purchased mid Summer '06, cap replaced 1-'07
  8. Motor-N

    yosh ti... what'll the neighbors say!?

    Those plugs are to keep water out during a wash.
  9. Motor-N

    Can't wheely or back it in.

    it is a rider skill thing.....
  10. Motor-N

    Won My Small Claims Case For My Frame!

    Thanks for sharing your "Education". Hope the rest is a downhill glide:applause:
  11. Motor-N

    Oil behind ignition cover?

    Because they sell more parts this way?
  12. Motor-N

    New BMW SM coming soon??

    New BMW, but that's the 650
  13. Motor-N

    Double your gas mileage

    Well, He's getting there. Add a few magnets,six more purchase from JC Whitney, and he will have to off load fuel every evening:applause:
  14. Motor-N

    67 rwhp?

    Thanks man.....I was converting hp to kw and flunked math... AGAIN. For anyone that cares I found this: http://www.onlineconversion.com/power.htm