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  1. I wonder if the California Highway Patrol is going to be checking the decibel levels on the exhausts of the Harley's heading out on Hwy 40 on the way to Laughlin the end of this month? And what about the cars that have sound systems that set off the Richter Scale, break windows in your home, and crack your driveway? I was in a parking lot this past weekend and a guy and girl in a red Camaro had a sound system that set off every car alarm in the parking lot. They laughed about it. They probably don't realize they will soon be deaf. One thing that needs to be remembered: Government logic is an oxymoron. OAS Old And Slow
  2. Why didn't the AMA penalize Reed for using the word "chump"? Why hasn't the AMA penalized Stewart for saying "ya know" so much?