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  1. He did dodge what he did a bit, but also owned up to it. "The is 450 SX main event" was what he said.
  2. Pretty much. This is motorcycle racing, not golf.
  3. supercross

    He was bumped off the track before a big jump section.
  4. What they should do is come up with a series of races and then give points for each race. At the end, the guy with the most points was the best that year. They could also keep statistics over years and see who the top racers of all time were based on how many races and championships they won.
  5. supercross

    You can try https://www.foxsportsgo.com
  6. supercross

    Barcia's arm looked bent to me. Could have been the way his jersey was hanging.
  7. I liked spending more of the three hours of TV time watching the top guys racing versus all the semis and LCQ stuff. I normally just leave the TV on in the background while those races are going on.
  8. I have a hard time ignoring the dumb... uh, I think that makes me dumb.
  9. Ha ha. People need to be open minded... but if they don't have the same opinion as you, they are stupid. Classic.
  10. Skiing is very structured in learning discipline. Even the top ski racers work on the basics over and over.
  11. Nice video on the Mammoth MX event.
  12. Insane racing tonight.
  13. Spark plug spring.