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  1. Drfletcherdc

    I think I dislocated a rib...

    Is it bothering you in the front or back? If you get it put back into place by a chiro, the muscles will calm down and you should be ok in a few days. The ER will just give you pain meds and cost $$$$.
  2. Drfletcherdc

    How do you guys gain or lose weight?

    I haven't seen very many things actually work and I have tried a lot. I got tired of having a "spare tire" so I took my brother's advice and had my hormone levels checked. I found out that my testosterone was very low and the doctor put me on HRT. They have creams that you can use or shots. Women have done HRT for years and men are just realizing the importance of being balance. Also, if working out with weights keeping a lot of the workout in the 6-8 rep range will increase the body's production of HGH.
  3. Drfletcherdc

    How do you guys gain or lose weight?

    Eat 3-4 meals a day and two or three protein shakes a day. Very limited carb intake after 2 pm. Get your testosterone hormone level checked, if you are low there is nothing you can do until you bring them in the normal range.
  4. Drfletcherdc

    New Graphics...great service

    you can't say something like that without putting up pictures
  5. Drfletcherdc

    The process for applying new graphics?

    I just use a blow dryer to warm the graphics up to make them easier to flatten out without air bubbles.
  6. Drfletcherdc

    What would you pay for a 2003 YZ125?

    I bought my 14 year old a 2003 YZ125 for 1,000. It was in great shape except the rear fender which I replaced for 25.
  7. Drfletcherdc

    Anyone practice yoga?

    Same here, but I never had the attention span to finish the whole hour and half. I usually stopped at the 45 minute mark.
  8. Drfletcherdc

    2003 yz250

    I noticed that also, the motor feels like it has more power on the 03 vs the 05. The suspension is a lot harsher on the 03 than 05. I think I can work with it - need a few more times on it to really get to know it.
  9. Drfletcherdc

    2003 yz250

    Check here for the manual: http://www.yamahaownershandbook.com.au/?r=0 I just bought an 03 YZ250 for $1,100 also. The front fork was leaking and the front brake guard was off. I did my first fork seal change, retapped the hole for the front brake guard, lubed the clutch cable, put on my ASVs and changed the tranny oil. I've had two 05s and the only difference to me is the suspension. Have fun.
  10. Drfletcherdc

    Made the wife mad, bought another bike

    She is getting over it. The only reason she was peod because I broke the collarbone and she felt like she had to suffer along with me. I didn't miss any work so I don't know what the big deal is. I told her I was buying another - she didn't think so soon. A 2003 YZ250 with Pro Circuit Pipe, Applied Top Clamps, VForce Reed for $1100.
  11. Drfletcherdc

    Made the wife mad, bought another bike

    Thanks, I have been looking all over for one on line.
  12. I broke my collarbone in September and sold the CRF450 to appease my lovely wife. It didn't take long for the bone to feel better and the desire to ride was strong again. I bought a 2003 YZ250 for $1,100 and the wife is not happy at all. I'm glad that its a blue bike and I need some info on it. The bike needs front fork seals and front brake pads. I got the tools to redo myself just waiting the fork seals to show up (you never know with EBAY). What were the stock springs in an 03? How much and what weight of oil? Anyone know of a free pdf service manual? Is the engine the same as the 05 YZ250? I have a manual for that year. Thanks for the help and I did try searching a few times but couldn't find the answers.
  13. Drfletcherdc

    Why is gas pouring out of my carb?

    Mine was a bad needle valve and improperly adjusted float height. I got really good at taking the carb apart.
  14. Drfletcherdc

    Bad Back

    I have never seen anyone the same post surgery. I tell people all the time car accidents are some of the worse things that can happen to them and not to take it lightly.
  15. Drfletcherdc

    Bad Back

    Since I'm a chiropractor I actually like them. There are good ones and there are ones that aren't quite up to par, just like any profession. The problem is you waited too long to do something about it. If you maintained your spine like you maintained your teeth then you most likely wouldn't have these problems. You can't expect a chiropractor to undo years of damage in 3 visits. Then again it's not really your fault because people aren't taught to maintain their spines. I see it everyday in my office but when someone comes in with extreme pain (like unable to lay on the table) I usually send them to urgent care because at that point there is nothing I can do. Once the body stops guarding the pain then we can examine and find out the cause of the problem. People who say chiropractic is a scam have no idea how the body works and they should do research on the subject before making comments like that. Chiropractic is the number 1 rated treatment for low back pain and has the highest approval of all health professions.