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    plastic tanks

    Hi guys,I would like to ask you all if you would recommend replacing the steel tank for a plastic one,this would lower the weight of the bike but would it be worthwhile.The drz400s is just too heavy for firing thro heavy mud,my mates have wr450's and they have no bother.And its a huge bummer when it drops downhill....think i need to get back to the gym!!!!!!
  2. hi dustyk,your prob sounds like what i suffered with my drz.The prob with mine was a burnt out connection in the wiring harness,theres a small connector wire that cannot carry the voltage it needs to hence the battery loses power and needs to rest to gain enough voltage to start again but until you change this connection things wont change.I have a friend who works for TAS Suzuki and he fixed mine by simply finding the burnt connection and changing it to a bigger bullet connector.Hope this helps,my drz has been fantastic since.