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  1. motocrosser43x

    kx250f cdi rev box from ebay

    Man I have had 2 pro-com engineering rev boxs and there new and Im having the same problem. I have to send the new one back and i got it today and my stock one starts on the first kick to. the aftermarket one doesent even fire up at all just thought i would comment on that to.
  2. motocrosser43x

    ignition trouble

    I really appreciate the help I was at the end of my rope with this thing. I checked it with a light and got nothing and i've talked to a friend of mine and he's thinking its the stator im thinking about replacing it but its 180.00 so im hoping its worth thanks again for all the info chris.
  3. motocrosser43x

    ignition trouble

    I have a 04 kxf 250 I would ride it and it started to die and usually it would start back up but about 3 weeks ago it didnt. I checked the spark none and I heard that the 04s had a bad cdi so i replace it with a pro-com engineering rev box still not working. I want to replace the coil next but how do you check them any help would be really appreciated thanks chris.
  4. motocrosser43x


    If you have a 04 engine ice.
  5. motocrosser43x

    Need advice, never owned a Thumper

    man I have a 04 and its asome there so much easier to ride and the power is right there. I dont ride the woods but for motocross there great I went from a kx 125 to this bike and felt comfortable right away. I had a 2000 kx 250 and i rode it decent but man its so easy to get in trouble with those bikes with the fourstroke its not a problem. With the fourstroke both 250 and 450 for me personally i think there easier to back out of trouble like in the woops and stuff that compression braking helps alot. I agree with these other guys maintenance is everything and check those valve clearances hope this helps.
  6. motocrosser43x

    fuel screw?

    I have a fuel screw on my 04 and it dont stay in place and it runs like crap. What are the symptons of it running bad like your talking about. I mean I just got mine and I have been turning it. I mean its really running bad and it has a new topend in to. I've only rode it for about 4 hours ran great and then took it out the last time and it made a tapping noise and in neutral i reved it up and it sounded like it hit the rev limiter everytime. Im just trying to troubleshoot this I would appreciate any info thanks.
  7. motocrosser43x

    Tech Tip: Checking Valve Clearances

    I have a 04 kx250f. I just got it. The guy I bought it from redid the whole topend and stuff and I rode it for the first 3 days total of about 4 hours on it. Now it is hard to start and I have to pull start it and then it made a tapping sound but still ran. The big question is when it is in neutral I rev it up and it sounds like its hitting the rev limiter. I just bought this bike went from a 01 kx 125 to this but ever since i got it theres been problems. I just would really appreciate any info I think this bike is asome cant wait to figure this out thanks.
  8. motocrosser43x

    throttle tube sticking

    many thanks I will try that
  9. motocrosser43x

    throttle tube sticking

    I just got a 04 kxf 250f and the throttle tube is sticking. I lubed the cable with cable lube and it's ok. I need to know do I need to buy a better throttle tube? Any thoughts would be appreciated... thanks.