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  1. They have been testing it for a while now. I think they are planning on saving it until the 2006 season. That said, I don't think he is a smooth on it as he can be. I think he needs a bit more practice time on it. Seems to be popping out of some of the ruts in the corners. I wonder what his lap times are, comparing the KX to the KXf?
  2. BrandonW

    Street legal wr/yz

    When I moved from WA to ID, I brought with me my 2001 YZ250 and WR426. The 426 had a plate on it in WA, and I wanted to make sure that I retained that plate. The YZ, I just wanted ORV tags. She gave me the plate for the WR with no questions asked. When it came time to deal with the YZ, she said "We can deal with this one of two ways. I can sell you the ORV tag, which will get you on all the trails, but if you come to a road, you gotta push your bike across. If you want to buy the plate, for an extra $35, I can sell you the plate, and you can legally ride across the roads." I asked her "so does that legally get me on the roads? What is the difference if I ride across the roads out in the khack, or if I ride down to the store tonight for a gallon of milk? Can I do that too?" "I guess so", she said. With that, I paid for the plate on the YZ. I think it is my obligation to ensure that it is up to street standards (brake light, tail light, headlight, mirror, horn) but having the plate is nice. No inspections.
  3. BrandonW

    Team building for the Starvation 25hour

    KTMRod lives in Ephrata. He is EXACTLY what we need.
  4. BrandonW

    Relocating To Idaho

    What is up with all that smog that has settled over Idaho? Man, you cannot even see the sun! And the traffic? Don't even get me started! Delays and stop and go traffic like no where else, except for maybe Bangledesh. Property taxes have risen three-fold, and they keep electing Democratic governors and senators. This place is a communist stomping ground! Anywhere but Idaho! Anywhere!
  5. Jay, did you comprehend the part where I said "I screwed the pooch"? I am fully aware that I put in the wrong part number. Thanks for your help. Have you figured out what "self-determination" is yet? Talk to you later, tough-guy.
  6. UPS only charged $5.50 for that shipment. It was the enterprising capitalists who then doubled that charge.
  7. Well, I screwed the pooch. I did not need the pressure plate, I needed the clutch boss. Can't blame the kid behind the parts counter on this one, can I? So, what do I do? Send the pressure plate back to Bolingbrook, IL?
  8. BrandonW

    Good ride gone bad!

    Yeah, Velosapiens went back for water and gatoraide, and came back with a wheel! If not for him, I might still be out there now.......
  9. Oh yeah, I will need the rear wheel to be an 18". If that $10,000 quote is to my door, and it is spec'ed out as I asked for, I just might have to take you up on it!
  10. You are very correct. I *DO* wish that I could order directly from the factory, instead of my local dealer. It pissed me off that he had a "franchise" agreement that excluded all competition. I am not *complaining* per se, just trying to figure out the pennies, nickels and dimes. They do add up. As for how we can make this all better, Manny's idea will work fine. 2006 YZ450fSE, but black Excells, Bulldog spokes and Talon hubs. Clarke 3.4 tank; Scotts damper; Moose tall seat; forks revalved by TBT for a 220 pound rider, off-road; twenty inch wheel up front; Acerbis multilpo handguards, endruo cup; skid plate, TM Designworks slider/guide kit; and a magnetic drain plug. After that, we should be square.
  11. Parts, plus shipping from TT was $49.00. If I had got them from the local dealer, it would have been $57.14. 8 dollar savings, and I skip the trip to the dealer, but it took longer to get the parts. Don't know yet.
  12. Maybe there are some hidden costs that I am not seeing, but it pretty much eats up the discount on the OEM parts. Plus, the wait is longer than going to the neighborhood store. If I am not mistaken, when we order at the TT store, they turn around and order from the warehouse. The warehouse ships to TT (in Vegas, at no cost) then they package and ship to the buyer. If I am not mistaken, they have made themselves (TT) the "middleman" at minimal savings and it takes longer to get the parts.
  13. $5.50, and that is without an account, which ships at discounted rates.
  14. Good call. Thanks, I think I will go and do that.
  15. I just ordered a 2001 YZ clutch pressure plate (about 8 ounces) and six bolts (maybe 2 ounces) and the shipping charges were $10, and handling was $2.50. I am right now having a full wheel set (front and rear, and the wheels still have the rubber on them) from Texas to Boise, also coming via UPS, weighs about 50 pounds, and those shipping charges will be about $36. If both are ground shipments, why does a 10 ounce package cost a third as much as a 50 pound shipment?