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  1. Eddie/All, Went down one size on the pilot jet and down from #170 to #168 on the main jet and the bike is now fantastic to ride. Pulls clean right accross the range. Starts almost first time too, even from cold. Thanks for your help.
  2. Thanks, I'll try this on the weekend and let you know what happened.
  3. Eddie, it's on the initial 1/4 throttle where the bike coughs and splutters. Once over this part of the needle the power is fantastic. The bike is also a nightmare to start from cold, but once fired up it starts almost 1st kick every time.
  4. Eddie, any suggestions on what makes this bike splutter low down since fitting the 490 kit? If I pull the choke out it make the bike unridable it splutters so much, even from cold. There is also a fair amount of popping on the overrun.
  5. Dazzlin

    how fast is a stock 05 crf450R?

    My 04 CRF recorded a maximum speed of 87mph on a Trailtech Speedo chasing a Ducati on the road and that's with a 51 tooth rear sprocket, although I have to say it did not sound too healthy at this speed and I stripped it afterwards to ensure it was OK internally.
  6. Hi Eddie, I am currently on 165 mains and all other jets/needles are standard.
  7. I too have just fitted a 490 kit with a Stage 2 Hotcam and full DEP pipe and the initial 5mm of throttle seems very wolly (almost strained) and the bike pops and backfires on the overrun. Once the revs are up a little the cost is well worth it as the power is fantastic, but I just need to clean up the carburation to make it perfect. Starting seems more difficult too from cold and often taked 20 kicks to get it into life, plus when hot it takes a few to get going. Any suggestions to get it running like the old standard 450 would be appreciated.
  8. I have fitted my '04 CRF450 with an Athena 490 big bore kit and Hotcams Stage 2 camshaft, however whilst the bike preforms fantastically the starting is not so easy from cold and also when hot it can be more than a single kick. Has anyone ever fitted the same kit and perhaps have found an ideal solution?