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  1. nice mod thattailight needs some work though
  2. I'm at 10K. Shoot maybe I should check mine. I found this in the how to section. Doenst look that hard to do.
  3. Thank-you Especially for the prompt response. Now its off to the dealer to see how many limbs the needle and jets will cost.
  4. Burned, I just picked up a Old model FCR for my '04 DRZ The previous owner had it on a DRZ, but at close to sea level. I need to buy some leaner jetting, what do you suggest? I have the 3X3 mod and a Yosh SS Full system, the rest of the motor is stock. I ride from 4000-7000 ft in 60-110 degree temps. Right now I have a 162 main jet, EMM needle, 42 pilot jet, and an adjustable air screw. I'm thinking this is way too rich, what jets/needle? should I buy to get it right for my altitude/temp. Thanks.
  5. This coming from a guy whose latest ride is from 2000.....