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  1. The metal mounts that weld to the frame are removable? or the rubber bumpers. The bumpers on mine were removable, allowing the valve cover to be removed, but when trying to remove the rocker arm shaft, the rocker arm bolt hit on the metal tank mount.
  2. xr650noob

    KTM Sticker Shock

    If you buy out of state (for example living in CA buy in AZ) when you purchase in AZ the dealer should be able to waive the AZ sales tax there as you are not registering the vehicle. That way you don't get hit by the tax man twice.
  3. Same issue here. As Ud_Luz has pointed out.. I ended up cutting the first ~7 or so mm off of the tank mount. I used a thin cutting blade on a dremel so I could use the 7mm piece as a spacer. It wasn't threaded and I added a thin washer on the end of the tank mount to make up for the material removed. Works fine and beats rotating your engine in the frame when you need to swap shims. FWIW: I used this write up here that another TT PM'ed me.
  4. xr650noob

    What is the best year for the KTM 450exc-r

    I would have to say either the 07 or 08, since they are street legal.
  5. xr650noob

    The new roller rocker valves

    I thought I had saw on KTMtalk that the issue was with the exhaust valve bridge:confused:
  6. xr650noob

    KTM 530 EXC-R Service Manual?

    So are we supposed to wait until January to check the valves? Seems like I may go over the 3 hour mark by then.
  7. xr650noob

    Seal for K & N air filter xr650r

    K&N used to have a sealing grease, but it usually caused the filter to slide around. Personally I'd sway away from the K&N for off road use. Lets the fine stuff through and can wear your engine faster.
  8. xr650noob

    Toolstorage XR650R?

    Front and rear fender bags. front for tire stuff. rear for tools
  9. How much does that kouba link lower the bike? I've had a few low speed tip overs and think that might help me. Thanks.