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  1. Good afternoon folks.. New to the board here and quite frankly its been a while since I have been back on a bike. I recently purchased a 90 RM 250 to run around with my boy and to get some good quality shop time with him. Well after extensive break down and rebuilding the bike is starting to come together, the problem is my clutch. When dropping it into gear (gears all seem fine) I hold the clutch in and try to push the bike.. no such luck the back tire locks and you can here the compression when you try to push the bike. That being said I drained the case and pulled the clutch housing to have a look at the clutch. I guess I should back up a tad, I did adjust the cable which by the way has seen its last day as well but I am not to certain this is the problem. Anyhoo.. as I started to investigate the clutch, I noticed that the (push Piece) seemed loose with no tension on it what so ever. Is this normal? I then proceded to pull the friction disks and clutch plates to see if they were stuck together or perhaps they were sticking on the sleeve hub. After I got all the plates out and clutch friction rings, I took them to the local shop to see what the local mechanics thought were, they didn’t seem to bad and in deed he confirmed this for me. He told me that they were most likely stuck together from sitting for so long ( roughly 2 years) and that this was definatly my issue. Well not so fast, I did go home and clean the teeth on the sleeve hub, which by the way did have some grooves on them and proceeded to re-asemble. After I got the clutch back together I readjusted the clutch cable and tired again with no luck, I did no add oil back into the crank case do to the fact I didn’t think this would hold me back and didn’t want to have to go right back to draining it again but now I am not certain what to go after. My Clutch springs by the way were roughly 47.9mm which is within spec so I don’t think that is it either. Anyway I figured I may as well throw this out to you guys and see if you had any ideas..???? Any help would be greatly appreciated,