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  1. Thanks, I don't think it's a broken tooth on a gear, but just to be sure I'll pull it apart to have a look. Doesn't do this very often.
  2. Sometimes my kick starter will act like it's stuck or locked. I put it in gear and bump it and the starter releases. I've seen a thread quite a while back concerning this. My question is whether it's ok to just bump it when it happens or should I go inside to replace something?
  3. On day one I rerouted my hose and installed a K&N filter. It breaths in and out easily and guarentees no dirts sucks in. The filter is strapped with wire ti=es behind the frame in the photo. Easy to clean, and no dirt in the engine.
  6. Me too, that's what I like about this forum. You can get some good insight to what others are experiencing with their rides.
  7. Thanks for the info Gray, I feel mucho better about this now!!
  8. I went to start my 450 and the kick starter was hard to get started in the down stroke, as if the engine was at compression stroke without a decompression release. Put the bike in gear and bumped the engine to move a tad, then it was normal. Did it again after riding a few hours but easily broke loose and kicked normal. Any ideas on this?
  9. Yes, true. It's not a red one. I just got a phobia about oil levels. Never had it with the two strokes. Thanks, heck, the main I bought Yamaha was the reliability factor.
  10. What's the trick to checking the oil level after riding a bit? My 450 has the dip stick. The 250 has the sight glass but after an oil change and about 10 minutes I can't make out the level, too dark. Yet the oil is very clean when I change it after a couple of rides. I just want to make sure the oil level is ok between motos or on a hare and hound.
  11. I've got both the 450 and 250. Both 06. My hardest decision is which bike to ride cause they are both so good. Usually my son wins out and snags the 250. I love em for shear ease of riding, the other for shear power.
  12. Hey flyinguitars, great name. Look at my handle and guess which guitar I play the most. Guitars and motorcycles; they're my weakness.
  13. I run the taller bend. It just felt better for me.