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  1. This is just some of the video I've gotten lately. Some by my girlfriend while racing. Some on the property. Some on the fender and helmet. All of me and my close riding/racing friends. For Life!www.putfile.com/retro450
  2. No doubt all KTM's are excellent bikes. I raced it this weekend in about the muddiest conditions possible and pulled a 4th overall somehow( I doubled lapped 70% of the riders) and won my class and on the last lap around the 2 hour mark I really told myself that I would be hating life on the 06 450 I had been racing. Coming down steep hills completly sloshed out with mud and scattered bikes on all the up hills and also trying to fight the extra weight would have been harder on the 450. Not to mention in a sloppy mud race your gonna stall a 4 stroke. It never stalled and I got a holeshot against all the bikes that shared the same row that I raced in the 4stk. Class (my 4stk left me kicking 4 times this year). Bottom line in the same series against the same people I blew my previous results out of the water. Answered my 2stk vs. 4stk. ???'s . I still believe my bold statement I previously made at first. P.S. About a month ago I put a deposit on an 07 YZ 250 and my friend got one of the 1st arrivals. He told me I could demo his ,so I did and It was all over the trail and spinning up the rear tire all the time. I gave it back ,bit my tounge and went and got my deposit back. Bought the KTM instead. Almost went that route but its just alot to tame and convert over. Too much.
  3. First off you havn't ridden this bike and I have ridden your bike and they don't compare. This thing is like a Buck chasing a whitetail thruogh the woods who hadn't had any in a long time. Its perfect. I have alot of friends who race your bike the 06 300xc in the A class because as much as they don't admit it nobody wants to race the 250A class and get 3rd 4th or worse and if you win that class your just a flat ripper and you run in the top 10 O.A. everytime anyway and those type of people can make any bike rip. Me, I need the absolute best I can get under me.The 07 250XC is. You should be happy knowing there is an upgrade for you because when you get the 07 250XC you can try to tell everyone what you just experienced and hopefully they will listen. Ok they are not the same and one is better. Like it or not. Not oh they both are great and one does this better and oh one does this better. Surely you've heard of the GNCC's. Duh! Its flat dominated by the 250XC. You know Juha would race that 300 if it was better but its not. So good luck in that Senior class.
  4. retro450

    Woods and Putting around friendly 450?

    Yea the motor is perfect for whatever your ding tight or motoX. Its not a brute it has great throttle response.
  5. retro450

    Finally Yellow!

    That girl has the nicest thighs! Thats not all she has thats nice.
  6. I know how you feel, I felt the same about my 06 450. I was wrong and selling myself short and losing in the overall scores. There is absolutely no excuses if you got this bike. The 250XC is ideal. The 300 is close and has a huge fan base same as the 200. Ride a 300 back to back with a 250 in the hard woods. "humble"?
  7. Yeah, I had YZ250 and put an 18'' wheel $800 SUSP. flywheel wt., Ims tank /pegs. The full nine. Had 300exc. The 06 yzf 450 was awesome and had an excellent susp pkg. This has nothing to do with Yamaha. It's just all bikes including SX's. KTM did the R&D and shows year after year. The XC is the magic carpet ride.
  8. Ok I made my mind up awhile ago I was going back 2 stroke. Long story short(well maybe not). I stayed up cleaning my 06 yzf 450 to the hilt last night. Woke up and took it to KTM World in Cedartown, GA, A.K.A. Highland Park(which is probally the best place to ride singletrack legally. 1000 acres in the Mtns. and $25 a day). They had the 07 250XCW and the 07 250XC. I wanted the XCW. Bad. The owner was saying I'd be happier w/the XC vs. XCW. He rode them all @ the KTM XC Release test ride. He said to put my boots/helmet on and hop on the 07 250 XCW that is outside for rent, ready to go and then hop on his 06 250XC and come back and tell me for yourself. OK. I go test the XCW. My first and final thought. is wow where is the power? I will say susp. was nice and plush. I got on the 06 250XC and immediately fell in love. The motor was PERFECT! The susp was superb and it felt very light and tractable and very flickable. This was an 06, so I figured the revised 07 XC would be even better. I closed the deal and headed to the nastiest place where all my friends were riding. I threw my bark busters on and backed the comp. clickers all the way out and set tire pressure. Off I was. It took absolutely no time to realize I was on the absolute best bike for the woods EVER! Period!. I've been winning on my 4stk in the B class and all the time having to put soooo much effort in it. This 250XC was Absolutely effortless. I've never ever gone as fast as I did today and I have never been able to rip through tight nasty single track with both feet on the pegs. I just kept my feet on the pegs braked before the turns and ripped through the turns over and over. I'm awestruck at this point. Best experience I've ever experienced in my life. PERIOD! A 300 and 200 and the 4stks are awesome but lets face it they are awesome because the defy the odds and perform awesome but they just dont compare to the 250XC. They are just trying to be A 250. They're not. My bottom line: 07 250XC is the best thing ever put on the planet and I mean it. I got to put 5 solid hrs on it today. I am completely addicted to dirt bikes. Always have been,always will be. I spend all my money on this racing/riding addiction. I know all the differences between the 250XC and the 250XCW. And I've ridden both thanks to this place having the 07's for rent and sale and they're open 7 days a week. The 250XC has high speed adjustment on the shock the XCW doesn't. It has preload adjusters on the forks the W doesn't. The XC has a lighter flywheel and and a more aggresive spring in the power valve. The W has a computer the XC doesn't. The XCW has softer springs and softer valving and more flexible triple clamps. The W has a lower 1st/2nd gear and taller 5th. 3rd/4th the same. The XC flat rips and soaks every thing up unbelievably and flys around tight turns one after another with no effort. If you are riding something far from a 2STK XC you will be blown away by its ability. It will make you a much much faster rider @ harescrambles. I hope this is useful info. I'm so glad I didn't buy the W because I was dead set on it and I just like alot of power.
  9. retro450

    Stop me now!Trading the YZ450 for 07250XCW

    Ok I stopped myself. Did not get the XCW got the XC. Sheww. I got to pre ride both. I'll make a new post.
  10. Ok in Jan when I picked up my o6 450 yzf I thought I had just loaded up the best all around bike. Well after racing the YZ450 in the past 8 rounds of SORCS and coming from dead last on the starts because I coudn't start it in gear and battling all day back to the front of the pack. Then the stalling. I'm done. Oh yeah and the weight. I'm giving up the chance of winning the series w/2 races left but Setra starts in 2 weeks but, I know the its holding me back in the woods.So tommorrow on Sunday I'm taking the 06 yz450 some cash and trading in for the 07 KTM250XC-w. They said maybe they will give me $4000. He said bring $2500 and maybe an extra $500. Somehow I gotta make it happen. I'm suprised they have an 07. Hope I'm doing the right thing.
  11. retro450

    MY Wreck caught on my helmet cam

    Man your lucky nobody like my self who races the SORCS series decided to take matters in their own hands. Id be pissed if I was Kelly Jones who exist and is 2nd in the points. I called my best friend who lines up in the AA class and got him started and god knows how many hes gotten started already. Hell all I was wanting to see was a fellow racer with footage of the track and I of course follwed this thread because Im at all the SORCS races. Risky antics there. Thank god nobody walked up to kelly and slugged him for being something hes not. Hey you gotta love it though. Should have known it was BS when "AA" claimed it was good conditions at that race, it was a complete mud race in the middle of the summer. I actually got footage of the race that my girl filmed, and she caught this guy on tape with a "helmet cam" riding a a "2005 YZ250" slapping some little girl at the finish line for saying "good job" and then he roosted dirt in her face while flicking her parents off. People, I swear.
  12. Yeah people with that many posts seem like predators.....well,maybe not, but creepy for sure. I was just trying to find the word on the alum.WR
  13. retro450

    06 450 Fr tire is horrible

    Problem solved. I put a Bridgestone 401 on the front and I really like this tire. I have always gone with Michelin S12 rear and either S12 or M12 up front, but always got off the bike and checked to see if I had put air in the front S12 after mounting it because it folds. No more, I will stick with the Bridgestone 401 Front tire it really hooks . Now the stock rear has to go and I know that the S12 is by far the best rear tire for me, that thing sticks like glue.
  14. retro450

    06 YZ450F Does it corner?

    After droping the clamps, setting the sag , and replacing the the Fr tire I cannot get the front end to push or slide. I've tried my hardest and it sticks exceptionally well. Now the 756 that I have worn on the back cant even keep up with the front. I'm gonna put a s12 on the rear this week and have all the confidence in the world that I will grinning after that ride. Yesterday I finally got to ride with our fastest friend who taught me how to haul. Hes raced pro in H.S. and several A class at nats. he rides an 06 250 sx (super light). Well.. He hasnt read anything about the bike like we have and I hadnt told him anything. His first impression was "Man that thing turns good" "yea that thing goes around the turns good" I was like "really?" So I think.. No, I know we have read into this too much and maybe get phsyched out, but U change the tire and lower the clamps you will have to figure how to take a turn that fast. Because it will. NO doubt.
  15. I just gotta say that yamaha has had this frame and the new motor along w/everything else in the works for a few years .I know they have been testing the frame since 03, so what better way to celebrate a completely redesigned bike than offering a special adiition. All the 450 craze that has sprouted this century happens to land right smack down on yamaha's 50th year of 2 wheels and they are so hoping to go over the top with all this at once. I can say I was content w/my last bike but after seeing and reading about this phenominal machine thats gonna be released around X-mas, well I started taking my dealer all my money way before Halloween and it all came together a few weeks ago. Glad to be a part of it.