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  1. NE4ME

    DR 650 SE cutting out

    No experience with this bike, but do have some with other small engines. Any chance you have a fuel line collapsing on you therefore restricting fuel flow from the tank? Problems like this usually only occur only under accel or climbing over hills. Anyway, it's not something mentioned above yet I know it can happen if what you are running has rubber fuel lines, especially if they are not reinforced...Good luck......NE4ME
  2. NE4ME

    DR650 Big enough for me?

    Thanks for the advice guys and FYI I live in Cleveland which is just Northeast of Chattanooga. My desire for having the bike is for the occasional weekend ride to work (when not having to deliver kids to babysitter), riding some Forest Service roads and even the ocasional little more aggressive trail areas and hopefully an occasional ride across the Cherohala Skyway in the mountains of SE TN and SW NC. What attracted me to the bike was it's abilities as well as the good fuel mileage reports too. I am sure my mileage is not going to be as good as most other people because of my size, but hopefully I will get on a downswing in that area again soon. Street bikes just don't do anything for me and I burn the piss outta my leg every time I saddle up on one. I have to sell an ATV before I can get into the bike though, so looking to sell my 97 Suzuki King Quad with a whopping 330 miles on it!!! Yep, no joke, 330 miles and I bought it new in 1997. Atleast with something street legal I can get some use out of it. If you know of anyone in this area looking for a nearly new, very low mile, garage kept ATV send them my way. They can email me direct at ae4bk@yahoo.com. I will cut them a heck of a deal. Again, thanks for the help guys.......NE4ME
  3. NE4ME

    DR650 Big enough for me?

    I am a pretty inexperienced bike rider. Not really rode a bike since I was about 15 years old and I just turned 31. I have an opportunity to get a DR-650 used and am seriously considering it. Drove it on his driveway the other day (no MC license yet) and felt ok, but. Stats..6'6'' 370.......Will it work?