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  1. Do others fill the same as LTJ that 450cc vs 700cc of oil is correct?
  2. mrpickypants

    Big bog.

    Has anyone else used this kit and if so what combinations.
  3. mrpickypants

    Big bog.

    Thanks exIT for the input. The Blais kits seem to be good kits. They include all plugs and new lines for the removal. The needle was replaced without the slide being removed,so that checks out ok. When I added the O-ring to the accel pump I inspected the diaphragm at that time for damage. I have had that issue on other bikes, but good all good points on your part. Do you think that the pilot jet my be a size or two to large? I am sure someone out there has the same kit. All info is greatly appreciated.
  4. mrpickypants

    Big bog.

    Picked up a low mileage 2008 450 exc. Installed the Blais smog removal kit along with their re-jet kit as per their recommendation. I now have a large bog or flame out off idle. The stock 180 has been replaced with a 185 for a aftermarket exhaust ( FMF). 45 pilot and new needle in the 3rd position for riding at sea level to 4000 ft. Also in stalled the supplied oring on the accelerator pump. I'm sure others have been through this. What is the cure?
  5. mrpickypants

    Not a fan till now.

    Look at that screwed up you name now. My apologies.
  6. mrpickypants

    Not a fan till now.

    Keg you are correct. I should have put his last name in the post as well. I was referring to Mr. Dean Wilson. I will try to remember this in the future.
  7. mrpickypants

    Not a fan till now.

    Maybe because it was he was beating our USA riders. Not really sure. Always polite an fairly well spoken. But I must say I admire him now. It would seem he has taken many beat downs and has come back swinging. Started the year on his on nickel and has been rewarded for hard work. Smart move Husky. An good on you Dean.
  8. mrpickypants

    Who will win the baja 1000?

    According to my son-in-law who is there now with a trophy truck team David Kamo is on the 1x and now leading.
  9. mrpickypants

    A Great Bike Magazine Needs Your Help

    I have been getting their e-mail version for a wile now. A very well done mag. Often they have test bikes we never heard of here in the states. It would be very sad if they were forced to close up shop. I wish them luck.
  10. mrpickypants

    What happened to the MXA website?

    Maybe someone from MXA can let us know.
  11. mrpickypants

    Chico, CA offroad riding

    There is tons of riding in and around chico. Most people are closed lipped about it. Best thing to do is get to know some of the locals.
  12. Hi Digdeep. I,m a member of the club ( Polka Dots ) that is putting on this event. Glad to hear you are comeing up to ride it.You will get plenty of bang for your buck not to mention a fun new riding area for you. Sounds like you have the the right bike for the area. As some have already mentioned try not to over think your first enduro. I have a roll chart I would be happy to loan you. As I understand it there will be some trails used that have not been ridden on for a wile. Most of the club will be up at Gold Note Saturday doing last min. prep. If you have any questions I can answer, fill free to send me a P.M.
  13. mrpickypants

    For those curious about this brake line

    I have one on my YZ250,and it works wonderfully.
  14. mrpickypants

    Ice Cube jugs

    Have one on my wr250. Now a WR 295 or so. Not cheap, but very good quality.
  15. mrpickypants

    My 2013 YZ250 build

    Who do you guys recommend for shaving the head. Looking for more mid to bottom end. Also my bike has a P.C. pipe on it. Would I be better of going back to stock for a less top end result.